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Superior Old Chicago January 23, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Old Chicago-Superior, Superior, CO.

O Jessica, Jessica! Wherefore art thou Jessica? While Jessica was with her improv group doing a Shakespeare night I was filling in at Old Chicago!  What a fun night! After a few bumps in the road like an hour one way drive and my MP3 player dying I had a great time with the friendly stuff and fun players! Especially team Snake Wranglers (Formerly the Mama-Js) who turned in a picture with every answer!

We had a fun game including answers of “Al Paso” as a city in Texas that starts with the letter A and “Chuck Norris” as a periodic table element! Also with a tie-breaker so close I had to double check the math! Teams Ding Dong, Team Adam, Harley, Beer, The Nugs, Snake Wranglers (Formerly the Mama-J’s), Harry Potter has Hogwarts, The John Cena Hand Wave, and Keepin’ It Classy all put up a great fight. Team Mr Aaron Rodger’s Neighborhood won the first round and got a free pitcher of beer! Then team Fat Monkey won a free pitcher of beer the second round, which he shared since he was on a team alone. Team Mr. Aaron Rodger’s Neighborhood came in at third place. Team Last Place came in second place, contradicting their team name! And also taking home an Old Chicago gift certificate. Finally, and certainly not last, team Fat Monkey came in first place overall and also got a gift certificate! Single-handedly beating every other team! What a smartie!

Harry Potter has Hogwarts

Ding Dong

The John Cena Hand Wave

Snake Wranglers (Formerly the Mama-J’s)

Last Place

Fat Monkey

The Nugs

Keepin’ It Classy

Mr. Aaron Rodger’s Neighborhood



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