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Castle Bar and Grill: Snow problem January 21, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Brent Ruder, Buzzwordz Trivia, Castle Bar & Grill, Littleton, CO.

Greetings my fellow Castlers. I was wondering who would battle the elements to come out for the Trivia game. After all, I did notice that the Texas Hold ‘Em game was only at one table instead of the usual two.

But, I had nothing to fear. The usual crowd arrived right on time and we started round one right at 8:00

The first round went to ‘Happy Birthday Sharon.‘ They edged out “Joansie” by one point and “Team Armenia” by two. We thought there was going to be some ugliness between the players of trivia nd the non-players that were sitting around the bar. A couple of people enetered the bar after I started asking the questions. A couple of  individuals thought they were being smart by yelling out the answers. The first time was bad enough, but the second time a wise gut shouted out the answers, I was waiting for a couple of teams to go over and inform the loudmouth in question what an unwise decision that was and it should not be repeated.

Round two went to ‘Happy Birthday Sharon’ again. This time ‘Team Armenia’ tied for second with the Royal Bitches. The “Bitches were severly short handed due to the weather.

The final round had Joansie take the win, with ‘HBS’ in second and ‘TBone’ in third.

For the game, ‘Happy Birthday Sharon’ took the gold, ‘Joansie was second and a tie for third between ‘TBone‘ and Royal Bitches’



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