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Woody’s Tavern January 7, 2011

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Sarah Groves, Woody's.

This Thursday marked my first day working at Woody’s Tavern for Buzzwordz Trivia! It was a blast and a half! And when the harder questions were up I was glad I was hosting and not playing, like I have been for a few months before getting this job.

We had some great teams playing with us tonight! I recognized a lot of faces and met some new ones, too! I was honored with a few team names being a tribute to me! Sir-ah is the best was my old team and Chunk’s Drunk changed their name to Sarah’s Drunk. I did have a few too many root beers!

Round 1 was a close race for our teams. Teams Four and 20 blackbirds fell out of the sky, Chubby Rain, and Sir-ah is the best tied for third place. Strawberry Park held second place. Then Lacey showed me her … and Chunk’s Drunk were tied for first. Chunk’s Drunk won the tiebreaker and also a round of free shots!

Round 2 was a lot more fun! But I may be a little unfair in saying that since it was my first round to host myself! Sir-ah is the best took up the rear with  Chunk’s Drunk and Lacey showed me her… right in front of them. Four and 20 blackbirds fell out of the sky came in third, Strawberry Park held onto their second place, and Chubby Rain made a pretty big come-back winning first place and free shots!

Round 3 got a little crazy! I got answers from Star Wars references to just hoping it might rhyme with the answer! It was also a very close round, every team was only a few points off from each other. I had to count twice to make sure I was right because it was so close! Chunk’s Drunk, Sir-ah is the best, Four and 20 blackbirds fell out of the sky, and Lacey showed me her… were all very close together right behind second place winner Chubby Rain who was also close behind first place winners Strawberry Park! Both Chubby Rain and Strawberry Part took home gift certificates. Now next Thursday they can enjoy some of Woody’s Tavern’s amazing pizza and wings for free while they battle it out again!

Chubby Rain

Sir-ah is the best!

Strawberry Park

Lacey showed me her tits

Four and 20 blackbirds fell out of the sky

Chunk’s Drunk who later became Sarah’s Drunk. Which is why they had me jump in their picture! (I’m the obnoxious one!)

My first week hosting at Woody’s Tavern was great! Whether you made it this week or missed out you should definitely come next Thursday and hang out with me!



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