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Mellow Mushroom – Downtown December 30, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Alex Bekerman, Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Mellow Mushroom-Denver.

Listen, if you haven’t tried Mellow Mushroom’s pizza yet you are severely missing out, friend.  And if you haven’t been to Mellow Mushroom to eat pizza, drink beer and play trivia, then you are obviously just trapped under heavy furniture.  Try the Thai Dye pizza, it is covered in awesome sauce.

The lovely and talented Lauren was stuck in that East Coast blizzard, doing her best to get back to sunny Denver, so I, yours truly, filled in for her as winsome trivia host at Mellow Mushroom Denver.  I had a great time spending Wednesday night with all you fabulous trivia folks, thanks!

Round 1 found The Friendos, Sway, Sauce, JAVL, Operation Kapow, Pig Soooie, The Goods, Shenanigans, The Oletti’s, Arbs, Antero, PAAS, and US all battling it out for kamikaze shots and bragging rights.  The little golf pencils flew and the designated slip-runners zipped back-and-forth at a steady rate. Although all the teams did well in Round 1, none could touch the brainpower of The Friendos, who were a little surprised by their big win, I think.

Lost a couple of teams in Round 2 when their checks came and gained a few: Coach, Christopherson, Loc-N-Load, Team Pink, I’m Hungry and Snerp & Derp joined in the high-scoring round that ended in a tie between Operation Kapow and The Oletti’s, with Operation Kapow taking the win and the shots.

The addition of teams Bolex and O’Neil made for an intesely close race for Round 3, but the guys of Operation Kapow (who really are the Other Team in disguise) could not be stopped.

Operation Kapow took first place in the game, with Friendos in second — by one measly point. 

I brought my camera but forgot to put a card in it.  D’oh!  Sorry no pictures for this week but trust me; they are some good-looking teams at Mellow Mushroom!



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