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Woodys: Is it McDonald Chicken Nuggets??? December 19, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Suzie Pittman, Woody's.

No, fried necks and other pieces of a lamb are not chicken nuggets… What a fun and festive Thursday night trivia at Woody’s.  The first round left a 3 way tie breaker for first place between Apiture Science Labs, Kelley, and Yo Ho Ho.  We had three pretty close guesses for the tiebreaker question but in the end Apiture Science Lab took home the first round of free shots!! Congrats!!  3 Doctors and a Dude came in a pretty close to second by one point and Electric Mayhem and Placeholder came in a tied 3rd place.

The second round left a pretty diverse set of scores with no ties.  Placeholders had a turn around and took home the second round of shots! Hot Tamales took a glorious 3rd place.  Round three had another 3-way tie for first luckily there wasn’t a need for a tiebreaker cuz that could of got ugly… The three in first were 3 Doctors and a Dude, Hot Tamales, and Placeholder.  Overall winner s though coming in 2nd place taking home $10 woody bucks was 3 Doctors and a Dude. Coming in first place taking home $20 woody bucks was Placeholders!  Congrats.

Make sure you come next week for the holiday addition of trivia!

Yo Ho Ho

Team Hot Tamales

Team Electric Mayhem


Apiture Science Labs

3 Doctors and a Dude



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