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Mellow Mushroom – Centennial December 16, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Alex Bekerman, Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Mellow Mushroom-Centennial.

A little drizzle of snow does not stop anyone in Centennial from getting their pizza and trivia on, just so’s you know.

My debut at Mellow Mushroom in Centennial was loads of fun and having 14 teams playing made for a very competitive little trivia game!  We had: Something Stupid, Lancers, Clan Catel, Rabid Goldfish, Go Blackhawks!, Eli & the Schoolgirls, French Ticklers, Slammers, Ducks, Egg, Pattycake, Underage, J-Dog and Trapstars all matching wits for a chance at free beer and some coveted Mellow Mushroom gift cards.

Round 1 was easily taken by the ladies of Something Stupid who consistently were the first to turn in their (usually 100% correct) answer. Not to be trifled with were Clan Catel, Rabid Goldfish, Eli & the Schoolgirls, and French Ticklers, who all tied for runner-up status for those free beers (which turned out to be free something else, because Something Stupid don’t like beer, thank you very much!)

Something Stupid tried to take Round 2 as well, but upstarts Team Egg brought their combined brainpower to the task and won the tiebreaker, affording them the opportunity to drink free beverages!

As teams finished their delicious dinners and the evening went on, we lost a few teams to bedtime.  Competition raged, however, and Lancers, Something Stupid, Egg and Rabid Goldfish battled it out in Round 3.  Taking first place were the nice gentlemen of Lancers, with Something Stupid a close second and Egg a close third — all within one point of one another.  Whew!

A good time was had by all and I, for one, am very much looking forward to next Wednesday (not Tuesday as I ditzily kept saying — thanks to those kind people who gently reminded me it was, in fact, Wednesday) for Buzzwordz trivia at Mellow Mushroom Centennial!



Something Stupid
Team Egg
Rabid Goldfish
Team Underage


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