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Hayters December 16, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Alex Bekerman, Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Hayter's.

Another lovely, unseasonably warm December night brought the heat to trivia competition at Hayter’s & Co. in LoDo, with home team Hayters going toe-to-toe with Hayters Sister in a sibling rivalry-fueled grudge match.  Before that happened, however, Team 4 v. 1 and table sharing opponents BD/DB and Bottoms Up! fought it out for Round 1 dominance with BD/DB beating out 4 v. 1 in the tiebreaker for the winning round o’ shots.

Round 2 lit the match between Hayters and Hayters Sister but Team X jumped into the game and quickly dominated the room with his dazzling one-man show of mental prowess and handily won himself a cool shot.

The Buzz Beater question in Round 3 helped amp up the scorage and the round was narrowly won by BD/DB, who beat tied-up siblings Hayters and Hatyers Sister by just one point.  Those two teams met in the final tiebreaker (for bragging rights at the holiday dinner table) and Hayters took his Sister by the thinnest of victories.

Our game winner, by one measly point, was the home team: Hayters.  Congrats!


Hayter's Sister

Team Hayters
Bottoms Up!
One-man band Team X


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