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Hello Winter… December 15, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Suzie Pittman, Uptown Brothers.

It’s about time that it started to look like winter or atleast feel like it outside… I can guarantee I’ll be complaining about it in 24-48 hours.  Just wait for my next post….

Anywho, Trivia Tuesday at Uptown Brothers was awesome like usual leaving a tie-breaker for first place for the first round between the Colfax Johns and BitchFace, this was the first time that a team got the EXACT right answer for the tie-breaker… Colfax Johns took the first round, and second…. Good Sports though and donated their free shots to the 2nd place team, BitchFace!  We had a couple new teams like Stoli taking 2nd place in the first round and 3rd place overall, which unfortunately is close but no cigar… Another new team and smiling faces was the 15 Limited who didn’t place, but still had a blast (atleast, it looked like they had a blast).  Also joining the field was My Mom Thinks I’m Smart who tied for 3rd in Round Three (way to go!). And the second hardest team name to pronounce was Milk Steak not Milk Shake, they also tied for 3rd in Round Three! 

I hope everyone has an awesome week!!

Stoli - Thanks Gals for Playing!!

My Mom Thinks I'm Smart

Milk Steak

Colfax Johns - Congrats on 1st place and taking home the $25 Uptown Brother Bucks!!

BitchFace - Congrats on 2nd place!!!

15 Limited



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