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Last is First at the OC in Superior December 12, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Old Chicago-Superior, Superior, CO.

On Friday nights in Superior, Old Chicago is the place to be. Why? Because Friday is Buzzwordz Trivia night at OC and for this week and next I’m hosting it – taking over for Jessica- which means good times are gunna be even better. Turn out was high this week with 15 teams competing for the coveted Free Boulder Beer Pitchers and $10 and $25 gift cards; but all teams could enjoy the Boulder Beers which were on special for $2.69 to commemorate the night.

Round one started with a bang! As teams feverously answered questions the scores grew. Teams: I’m the Mayor Now, Team JB, Team Spearhead, and Team 5 all were close contenders but in the end two teams were able to break away. Team Late Comers finally gained the lead and when it looked liked that first pitcher was theirs, they were ousted by Last Place whom won the round. Late Comers came in second followed massive tied for third between: Team 5, I Mustache You A Question, The Fainting Goats and That’s What She Said.

Round two each question was worth two points, leaving room for scores to vary. But that didn’t stop first/second place teams for round two from tying. Again team Last Place was in the lead, team Where’s Tron? had caught up and kept it neck in neck till the end of the round. The tie breaker was brutal but there could only be one team to claim the second pitcher. Last Place got first and Where’s Tron? got second, followed by The Mongooses in third.

In the final round questions were worth even more points and competition heated up. Last Place was in the lead to win the game and other teams fought hard to topple their two round streak. However in the end none could challenge team Last Place who took home the $25 gift card and the First Place title this week. Where’s Tron? came in second, followed by That’s What She Said and Spearheads.

All teams did really well and I really enjoyed hosting and getting to see everyone again. Until next week, everyone keep Buzzin’.

Team Last Place

Team I Mustache You a Question eating hot wings!

Team JB

The Fainting Goats

Where's Tron?

The Screaming Weasels

That's What She Said

The Mongooses



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