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I love stick figure cartoons at Woody’s December 10, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Suzie Pittman, Woody's.

Woody’s continued to look festive last night as the holiday season has fully taken over, which I don’t mind…. I’m hoping for some holiday themed team names next week.  Maybe I’ll even give an extra point to  teams with holiday themed names… This is a way to see who from Woody’s reads my blog each night…

Anywho, Back to the Trivia… We had a good showing of old faces and new ones last night.  It’s always fun to meet new people.  We had R & N coming in 7th place, LOLO coming in 6th, new faces Jenna’s Tales coming in 5th place, Jeff PCMT taking 4th, tied for 3rd was Legislators and So I was in a Crawl Space, coming in 2nd place we had Team Lacy Showed me her tits (I have a hard time saying words like this out loud, so just imagine it being spelled out and not said.), and taking home the first round of free shots was WikiLeaked…Good team name. 

During the second round we had a new round winner with Jeff PCMT taking home the second round of free shots, which Jeff was a team of One…

The final tally showed that shots after round 2 may hinder your score for round 3… Top 3 places were…. Lacy Showed me her Tits taking 3rd, So I was in the Crawl Space taking 2nd and a $10 gift card to Woodys! And team WikiLeaked taking home 1st and a $20 gift card!  Congrats teams!




WikiLeaked – Congrats!!


Jeff PCMT – Good Job during round 2

 So I was in the Crawl Space – 2nd place! And Thanks for all the cute cartoons


R & N  















Team Lacy Showed me her Tits (again, spelled out, not said out loud.)

Hope everyone has a great week and I’ll see you next week!  ALSO!!!  Woody’s is having the Snow Bunny contest this weekend where you could take home $600!



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