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Champs at the Mellow Mushroom in Centennial December 9, 2010

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Wednesday at the Mellow Mushroom in Centennial was a night of vigorous competition and fun. The prizes were free shots for the rounds winners and a grand prize gift card for the games winning team; all compliments of the Mellow Mushroom, two dollar Coors Light were also on special for all participants. With the steaks set high and drink specials on daft or bottle, round one took off in a furry of unassured whirling pens and noggin scratching.

Round one started with a bang. Scores stayed close: Team America “___Yeah!”, Underage, The 3 Amigos and Highlife all tied for third place. Second place was a tie between Porque(?) and Anacondas and first place and free Soco shots went to team Something Stupid.

Round two switched things up as some of our family teams had say goodbye and goodnight while John Lennon’s Fan Club (Still Grieving), Team Allison and Lea and Proud Rock joined in. Round two questions were worth two points which resulted in a surplus of scoring opportunities for teams. Team Highlife took third and first place was a tie. Teams Something Stupid and John Lennon’s Fan Club had to duke it out over a heated tie breaker. But in the end only one team could get the free shots and John Lennon’s Fan Club got them.

The heat was on during the last round. At the end teams accumulative scores are calculated and the grand prize would be given to the games winner. Underage came in third for the game followed closely by the Anacondas, and the games winner and winner of a $25 gift card to the Mellow Mushroom was Something Stupid.


Something Stupid


That’s two game wins in a row for Something Stupid the now reigning champs at the Mellow Mushroom in Centennial. Challenging teams get some practice and next week I’ll have more exciting trivia for you.



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