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Quite the Party at UBB December 8, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Suzie Pittman, Uptown Brothers.

Tuesday Night Trivia at Uptown Brothers Bar was HOPING! We had a lot of teams playing to win things like FREE SHOTS and Brother Bucks!  Simple hints are great when i do them, like just listen to whos song is playing right now…  And, I had something happen that has never happened before, no one team won more than one prize… Confused, I’ll explain…

Round one had Team USA #1 and Billy D coming in 5th place, Team Stout and ABBA ZABBA coming in 4th place, RMGP taking 3rd place, No Panties and Michael Jackson’s Headband tying for 2nd place, and tying for 1st place forcing a tie breaker was The Land of Lincolns and The Whoo How’s… And coming out on top taking home the shots is The Land of Lincolns. (Okay first winner, Land of Lincolns).

Round two winners was ABBA ZABBA who took home the second round of free shots (Okay second winter, Abba Zabba)…

Overall we had The Who How’s (which is actually hard to sat correctly, try it..) taking home 2nd place which is a $10 gift card to UBB!  And winning the big money ($25) and the pride of winning Trivia was Michael Jackson’s Headband !  So Four Winners – Land of Lincolns, Abba Zabba, The Whoo How’s and Michael Jackson’s Headband! I love when multiple teams get to win prizes, it makes it much more fun! 

Team Stout

The Whoo How’s

Michael Jackson’s Headband

 No Panties

Team USA #1

The Land of Lincolns


I hope everyone comes back next week… Have a great week!!



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