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Mellow Mushroom–we printed out these answers just in case the buzz beater question was Yahoo’s top searches December 3, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

So my teams at Mellow Mushroom make me laugh on a pretty regular basis. But in all the time I’ve hosted I’ve never had a team try to PREDICT a question with such confidence that they even printed out the answers and brought them along. Op. Kapow! Was near certain that the Buzz Beater question of the week was going to be what are the top searches on Yahoo.com? They were so sure, they showed me the answer sheet sized paper with typed up answers that they would have turned in. See below. Very impressive guys. Your ridiculous but ambitious proactive-ness may have earned you an extra point next week.

This week we had a little bit of a mix up but also a lot of results that we’ve seen before. Team Cox won round 1 as well as round 2 in a tiebreaker with  Op Kapow! and the Swankers. Team On Time (thanks guys nothing gets by you 😉 ) was close behind in all of the rounds with some very convincing arguments, while Band of Gypsies, Team Old Guys, Z, and Scott and Kirsten put in valiant efforts as well. In the end, the Swankers and Op Kapow! faced off AGAIN for second place overall, but it was the Swankers who pulled through, scoring a $10 g.c. to Mellow Mushroom.



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