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Mellow Mushroom – Downtown December 30, 2010

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Listen, if you haven’t tried Mellow Mushroom’s pizza yet you are severely missing out, friend.  And if you haven’t been to Mellow Mushroom to eat pizza, drink beer and play trivia, then you are obviously just trapped under heavy furniture.  Try the Thai Dye pizza, it is covered in awesome sauce.

The lovely and talented Lauren was stuck in that East Coast blizzard, doing her best to get back to sunny Denver, so I, yours truly, filled in for her as winsome trivia host at Mellow Mushroom Denver.  I had a great time spending Wednesday night with all you fabulous trivia folks, thanks!

Round 1 found The Friendos, Sway, Sauce, JAVL, Operation Kapow, Pig Soooie, The Goods, Shenanigans, The Oletti’s, Arbs, Antero, PAAS, and US all battling it out for kamikaze shots and bragging rights.  The little golf pencils flew and the designated slip-runners zipped back-and-forth at a steady rate. Although all the teams did well in Round 1, none could touch the brainpower of The Friendos, who were a little surprised by their big win, I think.

Lost a couple of teams in Round 2 when their checks came and gained a few: Coach, Christopherson, Loc-N-Load, Team Pink, I’m Hungry and Snerp & Derp joined in the high-scoring round that ended in a tie between Operation Kapow and The Oletti’s, with Operation Kapow taking the win and the shots.

The addition of teams Bolex and O’Neil made for an intesely close race for Round 3, but the guys of Operation Kapow (who really are the Other Team in disguise) could not be stopped.

Operation Kapow took first place in the game, with Friendos in second — by one measly point. 

I brought my camera but forgot to put a card in it.  D’oh!  Sorry no pictures for this week but trust me; they are some good-looking teams at Mellow Mushroom!

UBB: Tuesday Night Football?? December 29, 2010

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It was kind of fun having NFL on in the background of Tuesday Night TRIVIA! And, we almost had a celebrity player for the first time ever… Here’s your hint.  He was recently elected Governor.

Luckily, he didn’t play and the others team had a chance… For the first round we had a two-way tie for first place between Looking for a Job and Not a Clue. Which both teams were WAY WAY WAY off of the actual correct answer, but Not a Clue was the closest between the two and took home the first round of free shots! The Dirty Hookers made a surprise appearance after taking a couple weeks off and took second place for the round.  Luckily round two wasn’t as close and Abba Zabba took the second round of free shots!

Overall though the big time winners taking home Uptown Brothers Bucks were Abba Zabba after defeating Looking for a Job in the tie breaker for second place.  Not a Clue took home 1st place and $25 bucks!

All in All a great night of Trivia.  I hope everyone has an awesome and SAFE New Years Eve and we’ll see ya next week!!

Not a Clue

Looking for a Job

Dirty Hookers

Abba Zabba

TGI Friday : TGI Wednesday trivia… or is it TGI Friday Trivia?? December 24, 2010

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A warm welcome to our first Colorado Springs Buzzwordz location. TGIF! It was a fun and exciting time had by all… patrons and staff. It seems that many people had taken advantage of their time off to partake in some last-minute Christmas shopping. We had a small but eager crowd of participants.

We had 5 teams aggressively battling it out to see who would be the “Friday on Wednesday Champions”.  Team Schedwitcz, Team Sarah, Team DA, Team Dave, and last but not least Friday’s staff members (just to add a wee bit of fun).   Round one was dominated by team Schedwitcz with 6 points.  Round 2 was a close call, but was overtaken by team Sarah with 12 points, and the third and final round was owned by team DA with 15 points.

The room thinned after the second round (I believe it was the final countdown for Last Minute Christmas shopping), although we had some die-hard participants that stayed until the final results. In the end it was Team DA winning first place ($25.00 Friday’s gift Certificate) and Team Dave winning 2nd place ($10.00 Gift certificate). Congratulations to all our winners.  We look forward to seeing you all again next Wednesday at Fridays off of Woodman & I25!  Don’t forget to try those Jack Daniels BBQ ribs. Incredible!

Mellow Mushroom–FYI I made my flight! December 23, 2010

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We had a lovely game of holiday inspired trivia at the Mellow Mushroom this week! Sadly in my rush to make it on my redeye flight back home I totally forgot my camera cord. Sorry–I’ll post pics as soon as I get back from paradise (by paradise I mean New Jersey 😉 ) .

This week it was the Zits (sorry you can’t change your name in my book after round 1 because you’re too embarrassed) that came out on top as winners of round 1 and overall.  Operation Kapow came in second by a very small margin, leaving  OMG it’s Abby’s B, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer (Reindeer), MJBB, Norwhale, and Team Sophie not far behind. Team Debbie made its debut in style, winning round 2.


Castle Bar and Grill; Nice Rack? December 23, 2010

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Happy Holidays from the Castle Bar and Grill.

I had better do some quick back-tracking in regards to the title of this week’s post. It relates to a question that seperates Santa Fact from Fiction. I don’t want to say anything more. It was all above the board clean fun, I assure you.

Hey, if you can’t trust your Trivia Host, who can you trust?

We started off  with a close round between the top four teams, with a tie for first between Royal Bitches and Mismatched Tires. The ‘Bitches took the tie breaker, despite a protest from the ‘Tires regarding the ‘Rack’ question.  Jonsie and Poker Stars tied for 3rd, with Team Armenia, after getting taken out rather quickly at one of the Texas Hold ‘Em tables, rounded out the top 5.

Round Two had another tie at the end between the Poker Stars and Team Armenia. This time the Armenia posse took first place and the pitcher of beer. with yet another tie for third between the ‘Bitches and the ‘Tires.

The final round saw the Poker Stars leave early for some reason. Maybe they had to go shopping for my gift. They usually stick around even if they don’t make it too far playing poker. I did see one team member defect over to the Armenian army, however. They didnt see Mismatched Tires pace the rest of the teams then make a final push in the third round to take not only the round but the game and the free beer and the gift certificate that goes with the glory. Royal Bitches took second and Team Armenia and Jonsie tied for 3rd.

Only one more week of trivia for 2010. We may have to set up a scoreboard for the entire year and see who will get the overall bragging rights to 2011.

I almost forgot to mention that there are still 2 more weeks plus the NFL playoffs to look forward to at the Castle on Sundays and a few Mondays yet. Don’t forget the specials that are still available .

This Friday, Abi and the Normals will be playing some good old fashion Rock and Roll with no cover. Come for the music, and enjoy the great food served nightly.

Just don’t forget your rack.


Mellow Mushroom – Centennial December 23, 2010

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Wow!  Mellow Mushroom at Streets of Southglenn was packed to the rafters for Wednesday’s Christmas-flavored Trivia night — I even had to give up my chair!  Happy to do so and happy to have so many people playing Buzzwordz trivia.

13 teams joined in for Round 1 and competition was fierce between Merry Mistletoe, Uncle Winston, Black Eyes, Team Extreme, Puppy Breat, Christie, The Glove That Fit O.J., Okillydoo, Cult of Tebow, Something Stupid, Men’s Club, Black Santas, and Bloody Pickles, despite some severely annoying sound difficulties faced by the increasingly frustrated hostess. Ahem.  Thanks for bearing with me, teams!  Round 1 ended in a three-way tie between Merry Mistletoe, Puppy Breath, and Men’s Club.  Puppy Breath won that tie and a round of free shots for their team.

Lego Dudes, Team Bill and Team Carpinelli joined in Round 2 and although the sound issues did not improve much, we got through it together and the round ended with another tie, between Bloody Pickles and Men’s Club.  It was super close, but Men’s Club won this round and those free beverages.

As teams finished their delicious pizzas and the kids’ bedtimes approached we lost a few teams to the late hour and gained one thanks to the late hour. Team Matt brought the heat to a blistering Round 3, coming in a close 2nd place for the round and 3rd place (and a $10 gift card for Mellow Mushroom) for the game.  Our second place winner of a $15 gift card was Team Bill, and in a massive win for Round 3, the game, and a $25 gift card was Men’s Club.  And they did it all with pure brain power, folks, not a smartphone among them, they’d like you to know.  Congratulations!

Big Winners Team Men's Club

2nd Place Winner Team Bill
3rd Place Winner Team Matt with the lovely Team Carpinelli

Hayter’s & Co. LoDo December 23, 2010

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Tuesday night Trivia action at Hayter’s & Co. in lovely LoDo was a slugfest between home team Team Hayter’s and regulars/challengers Team X, with a Moneypit thrown in to make things interesting.
Team X easily dominated Round 1, winning the dazzling duo some tasty beverage, which must have befuddled the team a little bit, since they went on to lose to the home team in Round 2. Distracted by concerns outside live pub trivia, Team Moneypit finished third in Round 2 and opted out of Round 3.  Naturally, Round 3 ended in a tie, Team X won the tiebreaker question and the game.  Despite their dour expressions in the team photo, they are friendly and happy — and rather smart.  Congrats!

Cheerful Game Winners -- Team X

Team Hayter’s
Team Moneypit

Woodys: Is it McDonald Chicken Nuggets??? December 19, 2010

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No, fried necks and other pieces of a lamb are not chicken nuggets… What a fun and festive Thursday night trivia at Woody’s.  The first round left a 3 way tie breaker for first place between Apiture Science Labs, Kelley, and Yo Ho Ho.  We had three pretty close guesses for the tiebreaker question but in the end Apiture Science Lab took home the first round of free shots!! Congrats!!  3 Doctors and a Dude came in a pretty close to second by one point and Electric Mayhem and Placeholder came in a tied 3rd place.

The second round left a pretty diverse set of scores with no ties.  Placeholders had a turn around and took home the second round of shots! Hot Tamales took a glorious 3rd place.  Round three had another 3-way tie for first luckily there wasn’t a need for a tiebreaker cuz that could of got ugly… The three in first were 3 Doctors and a Dude, Hot Tamales, and Placeholder.  Overall winner s though coming in 2nd place taking home $10 woody bucks was 3 Doctors and a Dude. Coming in first place taking home $20 woody bucks was Placeholders!  Congrats.

Make sure you come next week for the holiday addition of trivia!

Yo Ho Ho

Team Hot Tamales

Team Electric Mayhem


Apiture Science Labs

3 Doctors and a Dude

Tips Ho’s and half points at the Mellow Mushroom December 17, 2010

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This week trivia at the Mellow Mushroom was all about 1/2 points. I don’t know, just one of those nights where I just felt like dishing out a lot of partial credit. And it definitely made a difference in the end.

Operation Kapow! enjoyed  some SoCo-lime shots for round 1, but lost the tiebreaker in round 2 to the Ho Ho Whores. In the end, the Ho’s came in just a point ahead of the Op Kapow!, and Just the Tip came in half a point behind Team Z. But I wonder what would’ve happened had I decided not to give out all those half points…oh well! The most important thing is that the ruling was fair for all questions, because we at Buzzwordz Trivia strive for an honest and superior game of trivia.  😉


Mellow Mushroom – Centennial December 16, 2010

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A little drizzle of snow does not stop anyone in Centennial from getting their pizza and trivia on, just so’s you know.

My debut at Mellow Mushroom in Centennial was loads of fun and having 14 teams playing made for a very competitive little trivia game!  We had: Something Stupid, Lancers, Clan Catel, Rabid Goldfish, Go Blackhawks!, Eli & the Schoolgirls, French Ticklers, Slammers, Ducks, Egg, Pattycake, Underage, J-Dog and Trapstars all matching wits for a chance at free beer and some coveted Mellow Mushroom gift cards.

Round 1 was easily taken by the ladies of Something Stupid who consistently were the first to turn in their (usually 100% correct) answer. Not to be trifled with were Clan Catel, Rabid Goldfish, Eli & the Schoolgirls, and French Ticklers, who all tied for runner-up status for those free beers (which turned out to be free something else, because Something Stupid don’t like beer, thank you very much!)

Something Stupid tried to take Round 2 as well, but upstarts Team Egg brought their combined brainpower to the task and won the tiebreaker, affording them the opportunity to drink free beverages!

As teams finished their delicious dinners and the evening went on, we lost a few teams to bedtime.  Competition raged, however, and Lancers, Something Stupid, Egg and Rabid Goldfish battled it out in Round 3.  Taking first place were the nice gentlemen of Lancers, with Something Stupid a close second and Egg a close third — all within one point of one another.  Whew!

A good time was had by all and I, for one, am very much looking forward to next Wednesday (not Tuesday as I ditzily kept saying — thanks to those kind people who gently reminded me it was, in fact, Wednesday) for Buzzwordz trivia at Mellow Mushroom Centennial!



Something Stupid
Team Egg
Rabid Goldfish
Team Underage