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Castle Bar and Grill: (Much) Late night with Brent November 14, 2010

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Hello my fellow Castle fans. In honor of Conan O’Brien returning to TV, (OK Basic Cable, but still, not too bad of a fall from grace with that nice Golden Parachute he was given by the Peacock network.) I was going to start with an opening monologue.

Just one problem. I don’t have that much talent.

So, we will just acknowledge the return of the second best late night host, Craig Ferguson is my fav, and move on to our Trivia results.

But first, I have not reminded you of the great specials that the Castle has during the NFL season.

Register at the bar for a Frequent Visitor Card. Once you are a member you receive the following:

5 Visits on game days = free Mozz sticks, cheese quesadilla or chesses nachos.

8 Visits= Free Chili Rellino.

12 visits- Free 8 wings or a free pitcher of domestic beer.

16 visits= Free burger or sandwich (excludes dbl beef )

20 visits= Free burger or sandwich (excludes dbl beef) AND a pitcher of domestic beer.

25 Visits= Free app (from visit 3) burger or sandwich (exclude dbl beef) AND a pitcher of domestic beer.

Valid on any day that an NFL team is playing during the regular or post season.  ( Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday)

Redeem one per visit

Expires January 28th, 2011.

And for the Bronco fans on game days,

Bronco Bloods for $4.00

And FREE Jello shot for every Bronco Touchdown scored.

We had a tie at the end of Round 1 between Poker Sharks and Jonsie and Friends. J&F took the tie breaker. Jonsie and Friends was a one time unholy alliance. Kind of like the old saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”  I’m still not comfortable seeing that one.

Round 2 had the same tie again between the two teams. Once again Jonsie and Friends defeated the Poker Sharks. The Buzzed came in third.

All was not lost  for the Sharks however. They kept their composure and pulled out the Round 3 win, but also the overall victory. Their was a lot of  cheering going on at one of the Texas Hold ‘Em poker tables as the final tally was announced. The Buzzed  took the Bronze


Old Chicago Superior: Everyone sang, “Juicy” November 13, 2010

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It was a night of drinking and thinking, dancing and singing at Old Chicago in Superior, on Friday. Teams had some fierce game and stakes were high, being two free pitchers and gift cards. This trainee trivia host could sense the tension in the air.

Things took off in round one with Old Chicago’s host Jessica. Scores stayed close and the round ended in an awkward tie breaker when teams Freakazoid Monkey and Y’alls turned in the same answer. The teams where asked to guess again and Freakazoid Monkey won the first pitcher.

For round two, teams welcomed Buzzwordz Trivia’s newest host, me, to the mic for the first time. Teams worked well through the switch and team Ba-Dunk-a-Dunk won the round. Round three had brutal competition, but took a lighthearted turn when a question about Biggie- Smalls suddenly had everyone singing to Jessica and I. The game ended with team Ba-Dunk-A-Dunk taking second and team Freakazoid Monkey winning the game.

Team Freakazoid Monkey

Freakazoid Monkey


Almost Regulars

Get Your Liver-Spotted Hands Off Of My Beautiful Mother


Bibi Erg Sum

Shaven This Month

Woody’s: Ballers…. Huh?? November 12, 2010

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Thursday night Trivia at Woody’s continues to be a good group of competitive people.  We have a few teams that are dedicated and come every week and take advantage of the weekly bonus question!!

Woody’s has some awesome November drink specials for trivia night, which makes it all the better… They have $2 Pint, $3 Mugs and $7 Pitchers of Rolling Rock and PBR!

The first round had a pretty even steven’s score board with BCB coming in 4th, Thunder coming in 3rd, a 4-way tie for 2nd between Pooty Tang, Fun Day at Sea, Bitch Hunter, and Team D&E, and…. Taking home the first round of fun Thursday shots was Chunks Drunks… Congrats newbies..

During round two we had a little bit of an identify crisis and Pooty Tang changed their name to Elmer Stud, cute switch…

Overall though we had Thunder taking home 5th, Fun Day at Sea taking home 4th, Elmer Stud taking 3rd, Bitch Hunter taking home 2nd place and the $10 gift card! AND…. Taking home both rounds of free shots and the $20 gift card was Chunks Drunks! 


Fun Day at Sea – awesome name!

Bitch Hunters 

Elmer Stud (Pooty Tang)

Chunks Drunks – Fist pumping stars… 

Thunder – no worries, come back next week and you’ll do good!

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s smiling faces next week!

UBB: Hello Michiganders! November 10, 2010

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Tuesday night was a special treat for me with a bunch of Michigan kids in the house…  There’s nothing like a room full of Michiganders…  Playing Trivia…. There was a U of M Alumni event that brought in around 40 Michigan folks… Loved it.

With those kiddos, we had our usually teams and some newbies.  Always fun to mix up the crowd!  Round one left a few teams tied for various spots like… Bruce Lee’s Stepkids & Team Ishmael tying for 4th, Team Debo coming in 3rd, Team Groupon & Dr. Lou Equire tying for 2nd and taking home the first round of free shots was Albany Beef good job guys!! 

Round two picked up a few more teams which made it even more fun… More teams the better, kind of like company, more the merrier… We added teams: Angry Bus Driver who came in 2nd for the round, Terbear coming in 4th for the round, Charles Woodston coming in 5th for the round.  Dr. Lou Esquire took home the second round of free shots!  Woop free shots…

Overall we had a pretty serious ending with a 5 way tie between Dr. Lou Esquire, Albany Beer, Team Groupon, Dirty Hookers and Team Debo…. Talk about a serious time… Luckily, we had some serious and not so serious Monopoly players in the house and team Albany Beef took home the $25 gift card, Team Groupon took home $10 gift card and Team Debo took home the second $10 gift card!  Hope to see all your smiling faces next Tuesday! 


The Angry Bus Drivers


Charles Woodston




Albany Beef


Team Ishmael


Team Debo


Dirty Hookers – Have fun in Mexico!


Bruce Lee’s Stepchildren

Have a great week!!

Old Chicago Superior: Quarantined due to BieberFever November 7, 2010

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Okay, okay, so nobody at OC Superior actually had BieverFever. but that was the best suggestion for The End of The World that I heard all night. Not a correct answer, of course, but hilarious nonetheless. I would have said Zombie Invasion, but that wasn’t one of the correct answers either. Weird.

We had a night o’ tiebreakers on Friday night, with Blue Horseshoe LLC, Spearheads, Jeffcocoupons.com and Pineapple Fish competing for the pitcher of beer in Round One. Blue Horseshoe LLC took the win, due to their shocking amount of Lyric Opera knowledge. I have to confess, I didn’t expect that out of a table that was working on their Fantasy Basketball picks when I persuaded them to play trivia. That is why you should never judge a book by it’s cover, I guess. Congrats, gentlemen.

Blue Horseshoe, LLC (plus trivia host who really didn't want to be photographed...)

Round Two ended in a three-way tie between the Old Folks, Pineapple Fish and Lucky Monkey… with Lucky Monkey getting the answer number EXACTLY on the nose, which never EVER happens. I was impressed. Drink up, Monkey!

Finally, the game ended in a tie between Lucky Monkey and Pineapple Fish, with Lucky Monkey taking the win and the Fish coming in second. Lucky Monkey was indeed lucky. Or smart. Or both?

Great games played by all our teams: Blue Horseshoe LLC, Spearheads, Those Guys, Free Weezey. Jeffcocoupons.com, Lucky Monkey, Beer, Retzles, Pineapple Fish, Old Folks and Team Dragline.

Woodys: Who likes Pink? November 5, 2010

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Another great night of drinking and trivia at Woody’s on Thursday night.  Can’t go wrong with beers, shots and pizza to finish off a Thursday.  We had quite the showcase of teams displaying their knowledge.  Although it wasn’t made clear that each question you should probably keep the same name so one team ended up being Your Beer, You Can Drive Yourself Home and Paper Football.  Luckily, since I’m such a nice host, I explained to them that to add up all their points, they needed to keep one name or combined their 3 teams into 1. Atleast they had their looks to get them through life…

So, to kick it off in the first round we had the Zonies coming in 4th, a 4-way tie for third between DeadHead, Dominators, Whispering Eyes, & Paper Football, Team Recycle Your Animals took second place and team Thwap took home the first round of free shots as the winners of round one.  Round two had quite the mix up with team Thwap coming in 4th and Recycle Your Animals coming in first taking home the second round of free shots!  Free Shot Thursday.

Overall, we had a pretty close finish with teams coming in 2-3 points away from each other.  Mr. Sneaker took 4th place, DeadHead took 3rd, Thwap took 2nd place and the $10 gift card!, and Recycle Your Animals took home first place and then $20 gift card to bring back next week, as long as life doesn’t get in the way… Boooo Life…




Recycle Your Animals




Mr. Sneakers

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I’ll see ya’ll next Thursday night!

Mellow Mushroom–Team “Lame Host”? November 4, 2010

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Yeah…it pretty much broke my heart.  I mean I’ll admit–in some departments I’m pretty lame. I don’t follow  sports, I like cooking casseroles and using crockpots, I’ve read the first 2 Twilight books… But for the most part I think I’m an a-ok trivia host! Oh well. Can’t win them all, right?

This week all was pretty standard until we racked up the scores in round 3 and Team Jabroni sneaked ahead at the very end-it was their stellar baseball knowledge and totally rad Halloween costume that got them the extra points they needed to beat COX by just a smidgen. Operation Kapow wasn’t far behind and neither was Haha We Cheat. I see some talent in some of the new teams, particularly The Lipreaders and Mile High Ballers.

So this week the photos are tagged along with the awesome costumes that team members had. Very impressive! And Snookie Stackhouse worked out pretty great, thanks for asking.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

Heidi and Spencer

Gilligan's Island

The actual house from the beginning of the movie Up!

A conveyer belt I think?

you guys didn't need the point!

UBB Election Night Celebration November 3, 2010

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I thought we’d have more political based team names, but we only had one… Governor Hickenlooper…. Who wouldn’t want to spend a night of politics at the bar?  Booze and Politics… Great Mix.

Anyways, we had a competitive game of Trivia none the less because competition and booze DO mix.

Round one ended with a 2 way tie for 3rd place between Bring Me Beer and Dave & Autumn, Dirty Hookers taking 2nd place and Bruce Lee’s Sidekicks taking home the first round of free shots!  Congrats guys!  Luckily Bruce Lee’s Sidekicks received the weekly bonus email question and got the extra point.  Can’t go wrong with a freebie.

Round two and three added some new teams and a nice little mix up of points, but round three all 5 teams were within one point of each other… I thought I was going to have to do a recount… Get it, Election Night… Ha!  I know, bad joke… Anyways….  We had My Mom Thinks I’m Smart taking home 4th, Bruce Lee’s Sidekicks taking 3rd, Dirty Hookers taking 2nd and the $10 gift card to Uptown Brothers and newbies Dave & Autumn taking home 1st and the $25 gift card! Congrats Dave & Autumn!


Bruce Lee’s Sidekicks – Maybe shots aren’t good for your scores…


Dirty Hookers


My Mom Thinks I’m Smart


Dave & Autumn


Bring me Beer – Nice beers gals

See everyone at our regular time next week at 7:30pm!! Have a GREAT week!