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UBB: Happy Thanksgiving! November 24, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Suzie Pittman, Uptown Brothers.

So, it is true that Charlie Brown did actually serve Despair, Sadness, and maybe Crystal Meth at Thanksgiving, but those were unfortunately not the answers I was looking for…  We had a big showing of Newbie teams at the Tuesday Night Trivia at Uptown Brothers Bar last night which is always fun to meet new people!

I was only a little bit disappointed in the lack of knowledge in Charlie Brown, but luckily the teams had knowledge of other random Thanksgiving-ish trivia… The first round finished with a 3-way tie for 3rd place between Wildcats, Party til You’re Pregnant, and Political Playas….. Team Pat Buchanan took home 2nd place….. And tying for 1st was Team USA #1 and Kim Jong Il is a Douche….. Unfortunately, I’m awful at math without a calculator, I declared Team USA #1 as the round winners who took home the first round of free shots, when in reality Kim Jong Il is a Douche won, SO we got them a round also… Woo Shots on a Tuesday….

Round two when to the one-man team of Wildcats.  We gained another team in Round two also James and Amy, it’s never too late to join in trivia night…. Wildcats took home 2nd place overall and the $10 gift certificate and Team USA #1 took home 1st and the $25 gift card!  Not bad for never playing before.

Team Pat Buchanan

James & Amy – Thanks for letting me crash your photo…


Political Playas – Real Gangsta like….

Kim Jong Il is a Douche – sorry about the bad math…

Team USA #1

I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving, See ya’ll next Tuesday!



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