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OC Superior: Oh, Jenna… November 22, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

The crowd at OC Superior was small but mighty on Friday night. I’m guessing some teams took the night off to research how to deep-fry a turkey or something; however, our teams were all in fine form. The highlight of the evening was Team Jenna Tolls, which doesn’t look at all dirty on paper, but when your sweet, innocent-minded trivia host says it out loud over the mic to a restaurant full of people… yeah. It’s dirty. Say it out loud. Get it? Sigh. I’m not proud of the fact that it took The Spearheads telling me “Um, it sounds like…” for me to get it.

Anyway, The Spearheads had positive karma from their good deed and they won the game! Yay Spearheads! Although Jenna Tolls (sigh) came in second for the game, so I’m not sure how trivia karma is working there? Good job guys!

Here’s the rundown for the game: Spearheads and Giant Cookie tied for Round One, with Giant Cookie for the win! Round Two went to The Spearheads and, as I mentioned above, they won the game! Second place for the game was a tie-breaker, with (sigh) Jenna Tolls and Goooooooaaaaal! duking it out and (sigh) Jenna Tolls taking second place.

Also playing we had Funny Money, and That’s What She Said. Great night had by all! See you kids next week, when we try to work off all those Turkey Day calories with a rousing game of trivia! Happy Thanksgiving!



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