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Castle Bar and Grill: (Much) Late night with Brent November 14, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Brent Ruder, Buzzwordz Trivia, Castle Bar & Grill, Littleton, CO.

Hello my fellow Castle fans. In honor of Conan O’Brien returning to TV, (OK Basic Cable, but still, not too bad of a fall from grace with that nice Golden Parachute he was given by the Peacock network.) I was going to start with an opening monologue.

Just one problem. I don’t have that much talent.

So, we will just acknowledge the return of the second best late night host, Craig Ferguson is my fav, and move on to our Trivia results.

But first, I have not reminded you of the great specials that the Castle has during the NFL season.

Register at the bar for a Frequent Visitor Card. Once you are a member you receive the following:

5 Visits on game days = free Mozz sticks, cheese quesadilla or chesses nachos.

8 Visits= Free Chili Rellino.

12 visits- Free 8 wings or a free pitcher of domestic beer.

16 visits= Free burger or sandwich (excludes dbl beef )

20 visits= Free burger or sandwich (excludes dbl beef) AND a pitcher of domestic beer.

25 Visits= Free app (from visit 3) burger or sandwich (exclude dbl beef) AND a pitcher of domestic beer.

Valid on any day that an NFL team is playing during the regular or post season.  ( Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday)

Redeem one per visit

Expires January 28th, 2011.

And for the Bronco fans on game days,

Bronco Bloods for $4.00

And FREE Jello shot for every Bronco Touchdown scored.

We had a tie at the end of Round 1 between Poker Sharks and Jonsie and Friends. J&F took the tie breaker. Jonsie and Friends was a one time unholy alliance. Kind of like the old saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”  I’m still not comfortable seeing that one.

Round 2 had the same tie again between the two teams. Once again Jonsie and Friends defeated the Poker Sharks. The Buzzed came in third.

All was not lost  for the Sharks however. They kept their composure and pulled out the Round 3 win, but also the overall victory. Their was a lot of  cheering going on at one of the Texas Hold ‘Em poker tables as the final tally was announced. The Buzzed  took the Bronze



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