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Woody’s: Ballers…. Huh?? November 12, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Suzie Pittman, Woody's.

Thursday night Trivia at Woody’s continues to be a good group of competitive people.  We have a few teams that are dedicated and come every week and take advantage of the weekly bonus question!!

Woody’s has some awesome November drink specials for trivia night, which makes it all the better… They have $2 Pint, $3 Mugs and $7 Pitchers of Rolling Rock and PBR!

The first round had a pretty even steven’s score board with BCB coming in 4th, Thunder coming in 3rd, a 4-way tie for 2nd between Pooty Tang, Fun Day at Sea, Bitch Hunter, and Team D&E, and…. Taking home the first round of fun Thursday shots was Chunks Drunks… Congrats newbies..

During round two we had a little bit of an identify crisis and Pooty Tang changed their name to Elmer Stud, cute switch…

Overall though we had Thunder taking home 5th, Fun Day at Sea taking home 4th, Elmer Stud taking 3rd, Bitch Hunter taking home 2nd place and the $10 gift card! AND…. Taking home both rounds of free shots and the $20 gift card was Chunks Drunks! 


Fun Day at Sea – awesome name!

Bitch Hunters 

Elmer Stud (Pooty Tang)

Chunks Drunks – Fist pumping stars… 

Thunder – no worries, come back next week and you’ll do good!

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s smiling faces next week!



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