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UBB: Hello Michiganders! November 10, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Suzie Pittman, Uptown Brothers.

Tuesday night was a special treat for me with a bunch of Michigan kids in the house…  There’s nothing like a room full of Michiganders…  Playing Trivia…. There was a U of M Alumni event that brought in around 40 Michigan folks… Loved it.

With those kiddos, we had our usually teams and some newbies.  Always fun to mix up the crowd!  Round one left a few teams tied for various spots like… Bruce Lee’s Stepkids & Team Ishmael tying for 4th, Team Debo coming in 3rd, Team Groupon & Dr. Lou Equire tying for 2nd and taking home the first round of free shots was Albany Beef good job guys!! 

Round two picked up a few more teams which made it even more fun… More teams the better, kind of like company, more the merrier… We added teams: Angry Bus Driver who came in 2nd for the round, Terbear coming in 4th for the round, Charles Woodston coming in 5th for the round.  Dr. Lou Esquire took home the second round of free shots!  Woop free shots…

Overall we had a pretty serious ending with a 5 way tie between Dr. Lou Esquire, Albany Beer, Team Groupon, Dirty Hookers and Team Debo…. Talk about a serious time… Luckily, we had some serious and not so serious Monopoly players in the house and team Albany Beef took home the $25 gift card, Team Groupon took home $10 gift card and Team Debo took home the second $10 gift card!  Hope to see all your smiling faces next Tuesday! 


The Angry Bus Drivers


Charles Woodston




Albany Beef


Team Ishmael


Team Debo


Dirty Hookers – Have fun in Mexico!


Bruce Lee’s Stepchildren

Have a great week!!



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