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OC Superior! Turkey Comaaaaaaa… November 29, 2010

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Happy Thanksgiving, trivia peeps! We had a great post-Thanksgiving trivia game on Friday night at Old Chicago in Superior. After being MIA for the past few Fridays, The Chicken Lovers were back with a vengenence and showed that turkey who’s the boss by winning Round One (beer!) and coming in first place for the game. They were also part of the Round Two tie-breaker involving That’s What She Said and Casanova. Welcome back, guys!

There was also a tie-breaker for second place for the game between Casanova and That’s What She Said and although Casanova was realllly close to the right answer, That’s What She Said got the EXACT CORRECT ANSWER and that never happens. It was truly amazing.

Also playing were the boys from Jenna Tolls who changed their name to We Are Trend Setters this week due to the insane amount of dirty sounding names I’ve had in trivia this past week. The Jenna boys are taking credit of all of those 🙂 Team Monkey, a regular from Tobin’s Thornton OC Trivia game paid us a visit (although they were mainly there for the cheesey bread) and were so kind as to play but decline winning any prizes since they’d seen the trivia early in the week. Chivalry, people, is not dead! Mediocri Tea kept drawing me pretty pictures on their answer slips and Twisted Pine featured some of the good folks from Twisted Pine Brewery (mmmmm!)

Happy Holidays and I’ll see you guys next week!

(Blogger note: there is some problem with attaching the photo gallery, so y’all are going to have to wait on your pretty pictures for a bit while it gets ironed out)

Mellow Mushroom Downtown: Happy Thanksgiving! November 26, 2010

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The crew at the Mellow Mushroom on 16th Street Mall was super awesome on Wednesday night as they geared up for TurkeyFest 2010 by doing a little Thanksgiving-themed trivia the night before. Nothing gets your appetite going like random knowledge! The teams and staff were all super-nice to me as I subbed for Lauren, too. Thanks, all!

Team Blank was renamed Team Michael Hemingway is Awesome just in time to win Round One and an order o’ shots.  They had to defeat That Beer Ashley Wanted in a tie-breaker, though. Don’t feel too bad for That Beer Ashley Wanted, because they went on to win Round Two AND the overall game.

Korea’s Got Seoul was our second place winner… but they should get an award for best “A-ha!” moment when they let out the huge cheers as they came up with the correct Thanksgiving-themed answer to one of the music questions. I can’t say what that answer WAS, because that would be spoiling any teams that are playing later this week but… it was pretty great. And the team reactions were pretty hilarious.

Also playing this week, we had The New Girl is Hot, U Just Got Served, Big Red, Z, and Team Montana. Thanks for coming out on a holiday-eve, guys! Lauren will be back next week and trivia as normal will resume… Happy Holidays!

UBB: Happy Thanksgiving! November 24, 2010

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So, it is true that Charlie Brown did actually serve Despair, Sadness, and maybe Crystal Meth at Thanksgiving, but those were unfortunately not the answers I was looking for…  We had a big showing of Newbie teams at the Tuesday Night Trivia at Uptown Brothers Bar last night which is always fun to meet new people!

I was only a little bit disappointed in the lack of knowledge in Charlie Brown, but luckily the teams had knowledge of other random Thanksgiving-ish trivia… The first round finished with a 3-way tie for 3rd place between Wildcats, Party til You’re Pregnant, and Political Playas….. Team Pat Buchanan took home 2nd place….. And tying for 1st was Team USA #1 and Kim Jong Il is a Douche….. Unfortunately, I’m awful at math without a calculator, I declared Team USA #1 as the round winners who took home the first round of free shots, when in reality Kim Jong Il is a Douche won, SO we got them a round also… Woo Shots on a Tuesday….

Round two when to the one-man team of Wildcats.  We gained another team in Round two also James and Amy, it’s never too late to join in trivia night…. Wildcats took home 2nd place overall and the $10 gift certificate and Team USA #1 took home 1st and the $25 gift card!  Not bad for never playing before.

Team Pat Buchanan

James & Amy – Thanks for letting me crash your photo…


Political Playas – Real Gangsta like….

Kim Jong Il is a Douche – sorry about the bad math…

Team USA #1

I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving, See ya’ll next Tuesday!

Hayter’s & Co – LoDo November 24, 2010

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Those of us who DID NOT score tickets to see Roger Waters/Pink Floyd managed to still have a good time Tuesday night by stretching our brains with Buzzwordz trivia at Hayter’s.

Team Hayter returned to single-handedly challenge the intelligence cluster of Team Spartans and the Bitch Hunter think tank, taking it to the hoop on every sports-related question.

Team Worm Weasels tried to make it happen in Rounds I and II but bowed out at the Buzz Beater, promising to return next week when their brains recovered.  Hayter and Spartans were neck-and-neck through Round I but couldn’t touch Bitch Hunter, who scored a perfect round and delicious, delicious alcohol.

Round II was a challenge for all the teams; I guess all we know about turkeys is that they taste good.  Still Hayter and Spartans slugged it out for 2nd place as once again Bitch Hunter regulated. Shots! Shots! Shots!

Spartans suited up for Round III, determined to wrest victory from the clutches of Bitch Hunter.  They were strong, they were smart, they put distance between themselves and Hayter, and rallied.  Bitch Hunter, however, would not be denied.

Winning every Round, the Game and [probably] a nice hangover was Bitch Hunter, with Team Spartans picking up the 2nd place prize.  Great game, everyone – hope to see you next week for the rematch!

Team Hayter

Team Spartans

Team Bitch Hunters

OC Superior: Oh, Jenna… November 22, 2010

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The crowd at OC Superior was small but mighty on Friday night. I’m guessing some teams took the night off to research how to deep-fry a turkey or something; however, our teams were all in fine form. The highlight of the evening was Team Jenna Tolls, which doesn’t look at all dirty on paper, but when your sweet, innocent-minded trivia host says it out loud over the mic to a restaurant full of people… yeah. It’s dirty. Say it out loud. Get it? Sigh. I’m not proud of the fact that it took The Spearheads telling me “Um, it sounds like…” for me to get it.

Anyway, The Spearheads had positive karma from their good deed and they won the game! Yay Spearheads! Although Jenna Tolls (sigh) came in second for the game, so I’m not sure how trivia karma is working there? Good job guys!

Here’s the rundown for the game: Spearheads and Giant Cookie tied for Round One, with Giant Cookie for the win! Round Two went to The Spearheads and, as I mentioned above, they won the game! Second place for the game was a tie-breaker, with (sigh) Jenna Tolls and Goooooooaaaaal! duking it out and (sigh) Jenna Tolls taking second place.

Also playing we had Funny Money, and That’s What She Said. Great night had by all! See you kids next week, when we try to work off all those Turkey Day calories with a rousing game of trivia! Happy Thanksgiving!

DFMO at Woody’s!!!! November 19, 2010

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DFMO may not be one of the most commonly used texting acronyms but everyone should know what it means: Dance Floor Makeout. I guess last night we didn’t quite witness DFMO because there was no dance floor, but it was still awesomely ridiculous. Aside from yelling out incorrect answers like ‘cheeseburgers’ and ‘Dave Matthews Band,’ the couple in my picture below provided excellent entertainment by practically sucking each other’s faces off in front of the entire bar. And no I’m not a pervert—everyone was documenting it with their cell phone cameras. Unfortunately they weren’t playing the game, but I’ll bet that would have made the night  even more amusing.

I had the opportunity to spend a wonderful night of trivia with Suzie’s players at Woody’s. Sultan Peppa, a father/sons dynamic trio, took first place in rounds 1, 2 and overall. Hide Your Keys! Luke is Drunk! took second place overall, both teams scored Woody’s gift certificates. Which I’m a little jeal about because there pizza looks amazing. Thanks for playing everybody, and remember: If you DFMO, people may take incriminating photos of you on their cell phones and post them online. See below.

DFMO!! Oh to be young and in love!


Hide Your Keys--Luke's Drunk! guess which one is Luke...

Sultan Peppa--the extremely polite father/sons team.


Chunks Drunks

Another shot of DFMO!!!

Mellow Mushroom BIGTIME November 19, 2010

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Quite the crowded night at the Mellow Mushroom! You guys are definitely putting me and my tallying and math skills to the test.Rounds 1 and 2 had tiebreaker–it was Team Facts on Facts, God Hates Haiti, StephBag, and Z that faced off, with Z coming out on top in round 1. The Band of Gypsies came out on top in the round 2 tiebreaker and second overall. But it was God Hates Haiti that championed at the end of this game, but only by a few points!

I just want to say that I will not be here next week i will be in New Jersey but I will miss you all and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Hayter’s & Co November 17, 2010

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The kooky weather must have prevented more teams from joining in the fun at the first-ever Buzzwords trivia night at Hayter’s in LoDo, but Team Hayter, Schady and Team Lauren were live and in effect, enjoying cold brew and hot sweet potato tots — yes, they are as good as you are imagining right now!

Although Team Hayter put up a good fight and Schady gave their best, Team Lauren walked away with Round One..and Round Two (narrowly defeating Team Hayter in a tie-breaker).  Round Three found Team Lauren once again dominating; game, set, match.

The food is delicious, the drinks cool and the trivia is HOT at Hayters & Co. Tuesday nights in LoDo — hope to see you there next week!

UBB: Crowd Participation? November 16, 2010

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Tonight was a bit of a tongue twister for me on almost every word… It was just one of those days that nothing comes out after you open your mouth…. Luckily the teams had the right answers coming out of their mouths…

We started the evening off with a pretty close game between everyone with a 2-way tie for first and second… Coming in 2nd was What would DeJesus Do? and  Cock Randy…. Tying for 1st place and start a round of tie breakers were Bruce Lee’s Sidekicks and Where’s The Wheat?… Luckily Where’s the Wheat are better guesses and they took home the first round of free drinks!  Round two had similar results with a 2-way tie for third between Where’s the Wheat? And What would DeJesus Do?… taking 2nd place was Bruce Lee’s Sidekicks by one point and taking home the second round of free drinks was Cock Randy.

Overall, we had a final tie breaker between Where’s the Wheat? And Bruce Lee’s Sidekicks which, Where’s the Wheat proved again that they are better guessers and took home the $25 gift card for 1st place.  Bruce Lee’s Sidekicks didn’t walk away empty handed though, they took home 2nd and a $10 gift card!

Where’s the Wheat?

Bruce Lee’s Sidekicks

What Would DeJesus Do?

Cock Randy

Hope everyone has a great week and I’ll see ya’ll next Tuesday!

Mellow Mushroom Downtown 11/10/10 November 15, 2010

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It was a cold and snowy night outside but inside the Mellow Mushroom Downtown we stayed toasty and enjoyed hot pizza, cold beer and sizzlin’ trivia.  I had the honor of training with the lovely and talented Lauren this evening, along with the equally lovely, talented and awesomely named Alex Williams. Our first round was owned by Cam Newton Pays Me, followed closely by Edwin, with Too Pretty for Condoms, Op Kapow!, and Steph Bag bringing the three-way tie and Vegan Hot Dog, Team SJC , Off-N-Public, Steve Bailey and 4 Girls and a Guy making a respectable showing.Cam Newton Pays Me tied up with newcomers Band of Gypsies after Round Two, with Cam Newton taking the tie-breaker question to earn those delicious SoCo lime shots. Round Three proved to be a head-scratcher for all but Band of Gypsies and Cam Newton Pays Me, who were neck and neck to the very end.  Douche Bigallow made an impressive entry into the third round but failed to catch up to the Cam Newton Pays Me juggernaut, who ran away with Round Three and the Game.  Congratulations, guys!



Operation Kapow!

Team Vegan Hotdog
Team Steph Bag
Team Four Girls and a Guy
Team Douche Bigallow
Team Cam Newton Pays Me