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Castle Bar and Grill: They come from near and far for trivia October 29, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

 Question: The reason Castle Bar and Grill is getting busier is:

A) Yours truly

B) The trivia questions

C) The food

D) The Free Texas Hold’em

Of course the correct is ‘E’. All the above.

We had a large new team from the Golden- Boulder area. There are a lot of places between the P.R.O.B.  and Littleton.  I’m guessing it must be due to a combination of the 4 options listed. One bite of a Castle Cheeseburger, and you are hooked.

Round one went to Smashing Pumpkins. They edged out  Old Farts. Royal Bitches rounded out the top three.

The ‘ Bitches tied the ‘Pumpkins in the second round, then took the tie-breaker for the pitcher of beer. Poker Sharks decided that they could multi-task and play cards while they answer my questions.

In a rare feat, Old Farts, took the third round, but not the overall game. the game went to newbies, Smashing Pumpkins. Old Farts and Royal’ Bitches tied for second. 3 Stooges, brought up the  (way) back of the pack.

Don’t forget about the Halloween Party this Saturday. The night starts with a pumpkin carving contest at 7:00. Bring your own Gourd, they will supply the rest. (No food fights) The Band Ugly Rumor will play at 9:00 until closing. A Costume contest will take place as well.



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