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OC Superior: Big, juicy braaaaaains October 26, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, CO, Jessica Austgen, Old Chicago-Superior, Superior, CO.

Halloween was in the air a week early on Friday at Old Chicago in Superior with our trivia rock starts risking the threat of zombie consumption by putting their big, juicy, knowledge-filled brains on display. In fact, our top teams literally put their brains out there as they were named Braaaaaains and Brain Cells.

The boys (and girl!) of Braaaaaaaains took the victory pitcher in Round One and Brain Cells won Round Two and were the overall champions for the night (after a very close tie-breaker between them and Braaaaaains). So I guess the lesson this week is: if you name your team something really smart sounding, you just win it all! Isn’t that what that The Secret book is all about?

Brain Cells!

Vaga-dactyls came late to the game but still placed really, really high. Hmmm, if the theory of attraction is TRUE, I wonder what their team name would attract? I’m not sure, but all the potential ideas are a little scary…


Rock Creek’s Got Da Juice played a really strong game but came in just a point or two behind our brainy winners. Our spirited host-team debate about the Huxtable Family Tree and the Oscar-worthiness of West Side Story almost devolved into a Jets v. Sharks style dance rumble, but we totally worked it out. In fact, I owe them a haiku:

You played trivia

So close to winning it all

Stupid Huxtables

Rock Creek's Got the Juice

It seemed to be a night of host v. teams, as a matter of fact, as Braaaaaains almost lost me as a friend when they guessed my favorite movie was Avatar. What?! No! How long have you guys been playing on my trivia night? You know I’m way cooler than Avatar. Next week, they’d better bring me cookies 🙂

Herbert didn’t place, but they were adorable with some of their guesses all night… the best was a pictogram thingy of Keanu (which wasn’t even the right answer, but they got a point for artistic merit!)

"Keanu" wasn't even the right answer, but I like your style Herbrt!


Also playing we had Fantastic 4, Team Ned and Buzzed Nerds, who all hit the bricks before I could capture them for internet fame on my iphone… nuts. See you all next week for some spoooooooky Halloweeeeeeeen Fuuuuuuuun! Or maybe just some questions about stuff.



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