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Uptown Brothers Bar: Party Hardy Tuesday’s October 20, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Suzie Pittman, Uptown Brothers.

Uptown Brothers was in full decor for the wonderful holiday that’s coming up quickly upon us… Halloween… My favorite holiday! 

We had quite the showing of new teams and returning teams, and though it took a little persuasion the champ from last week, One Man Wolf Pack, stuck around and played.  We even had an international team, The Real Thing, grace us with their expertise of England History (I’m sorry that only helped on one question…) 

Round one kicked off with Lil Lebowski as the caboose, One Man Wolf Pack not really playing coming in 4th, a three way tie for 3rd between The Real Thing, Team Street Beer and previous reining champs Dirty Hookers, a two way tie for 2nd between Fresh Apples and Delta Chi, and finally a two way tie for first between UBBC (Uptown Brothers Bar Crew = not eligible for shots) and Banana Hammock who took the first round of free shots for the night.  Dirty Hookers took the second round of free shots for Round two.  Who doesn’t love free shots on a Tuesday night??

Overall we had some die hard trivia fans (or fans of me) stick it out until the end to compete for the $25 gift card and the $10 gift card… One Man Wolf Pack brought up the rear, Lil Lebowski made a pretty good come back coming in 4th, Banana Hammock falling a little short in Round two and coming in 3rd overall and taking home the $10 gift card, UBBC pulling all of their knowledge together between orders and beers to come in 2nd for the night and Finally Dirty Hookers took home the first place prize a $25 gift card!





Delta Chi





UBBC + Fresh Apples





Dirty Hookers




Banana Hammocks




Lil Lebowski




The Real Thing

Be sure to come see me and Uptown Brothers Bar next Tuesday for a knee slapping good time



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