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Happy Halloween from OC Superior! October 31, 2010

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Old Chicago in Superior was in fine Halloween form on Friday night even though only ONE team showed up in costume (what up, Funkengruven!) Your lovely hostess with the mostess came very close to dressing like Hannah Montana, but wimped out at the last minute so she went as… a trivia host. Woo!

On to the game! We had seven awesome teams playing but, as you know, there can be only one (well, one and then a second placer). Winning Round One and the GAME was the red-neck bedecked Funkengruven who graciously appeared in a pic with their runner-up, Undead Monkey

Funkengruven with Undead Monkey

Undead Monkey played a great round o’ trivia, winning the pitcher of beer in Round Two (after breaking a three way tie between them, Funkengruven, and The Spearheads). They also came in second in the game, narrowing beating out The Spearheads in a tie for second place. Way to go, Undead Monkey, especially after I forced your team to be named that in a Pirates of the Caribbean reference 🙂

Also playing, we had the awesome kids from DFL (which they claim stands for “Dead F*ckin Last, even though that is So not how they placed!),  Older and More Chicago than You, Beer, and The Blumpkins. I’m gonna be a little sad next week when we go back to normal, non-Halloween themed trivia. Oh, well.

Here’s a haiku to end our blog:

Scary trivia

Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cups

Hannah Montana

Happy Halloween! See you next week!

Castle Bar and Grill: They come from near and far for trivia October 29, 2010

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 Question: The reason Castle Bar and Grill is getting busier is:

A) Yours truly

B) The trivia questions

C) The food

D) The Free Texas Hold’em

Of course the correct is ‘E’. All the above.

We had a large new team from the Golden- Boulder area. There are a lot of places between the P.R.O.B.  and Littleton.  I’m guessing it must be due to a combination of the 4 options listed. One bite of a Castle Cheeseburger, and you are hooked.

Round one went to Smashing Pumpkins. They edged out  Old Farts. Royal Bitches rounded out the top three.

The ‘ Bitches tied the ‘Pumpkins in the second round, then took the tie-breaker for the pitcher of beer. Poker Sharks decided that they could multi-task and play cards while they answer my questions.

In a rare feat, Old Farts, took the third round, but not the overall game. the game went to newbies, Smashing Pumpkins. Old Farts and Royal’ Bitches tied for second. 3 Stooges, brought up the  (way) back of the pack.

Don’t forget about the Halloween Party this Saturday. The night starts with a pumpkin carving contest at 7:00. Bring your own Gourd, they will supply the rest. (No food fights) The Band Ugly Rumor will play at 9:00 until closing. A Costume contest will take place as well.

Woodys: Pickett had no top hits October 28, 2010

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Thursday night Trivia at Woody’s kicked off to be another fun and competitive night with 8 teams coming out to play.  Luckily, a lot of people enjoy Halloween and all things that come with it so the questions were right up their alley.  I did get some more great ideas for a Halloween costume which included Audrey Hepburn, Dorothy Gail of Oz, Cowgirl and the Bee Girl from that one music video… 

Okay, back to Trivia… The first round, while all the rounds, was super close with Super Tramp bringing up the rear (which is guess is appropriate), Mike n’ Ikes and Sweets coming in 4th, Gypsy Bluegrass and Mike & Amy coming in 3rd, Spuds Mac coming in 2nd and Apis Infernum and Team KraKow tying for 1st place.  Team KraKow took home the first tie breaker and first round of shots.  When counting M&M’s do you count each One candy as two M&M’s since there’s two “M”’s on it????  No. 

Round two had the same results, just this time Apis Infernum and Spuds Mac tying for first.  Spuds Mac proved to be bigger fans of the Munsters and took home the second round of free shots, which they then donated to the other first place winners Apis Infernum… Woo Free Shots on a Thursday!

Apis Infernum reclaimed their champion title after a week off of the winning streak taking home 1st place and a $20 gift card.  Spuds Mac took home 2nd place and the $10 gift card, which they quickly turned over to 3rd place Team KraKow.




Gypsy Bluegrass (Great High School Graduation Picture!!!!)


Team KraKow (say it like you’re a lightning bolt… KraKow)


Apis Infernum – Luckily I have about 10 pictures of the team


Spuds Mac and Mike & Amy

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Halloween weekend!  See everyone next Thursday!

Mellow Mushroom–where the decorations are so spooky you can barely contain yourself October 28, 2010

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Or maybe it’s just me who was totally ecstatic that I could barely see across the bar because there were so many cobwebs. No one was quite as enthusiastic about brainstorming Halloween costume ideas, so it’s a good thing I already know I’m going as Snookie Stackhouse (definitely worthy of bold print). That’s right. Combination Jersey Shore bitch and True Blood badass.  This is my attempt at spreading the word a little early in hopes of explaining my costume a little less this weekend.

This week, I’ll be honest–round 1 attempts were pretty weak. But everyone stepped their game up for the second two rounds. The Trio, our team of young ladies, came in first in round 1, while We Found Her Leg (???) got some steam for round 2 that carried them to the end of the game–congrats for 1st in round 2 and 1st overall! Run of the Mill was close behind the entire time, coming in second overall. We had some pretty great troopers for the entire game–high fives were awarded to team strength, sonic BOOM, Operation Kapow, the Trio, and Taking our Talents to South Beach (by any chance does that have anything to do with the Jersey Shore?).

WISHING YOU ALL A SAFE AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN WEEKEND…may your costumes be as fabulous and awesome as mine!

UBB: Hard to Resist… October 27, 2010

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Happy Halloween!! Okay, I’m a couple days early but I LOVE Halloween… A Lot… So on that, why wouldn’t the questions be based around Halloween or scary movies or other scary things??? Also, thank you to those who earned an extra point for giving me a good idea for a “work appropriate” Halloween Costume for my costume contest this week.  Greatly Appreciated!

We kicked off this haunted night with a fierce 5 teams coming out in the first cold night of the season, time to man up and put on the scarf and gloves…

Those 5 teams were serious trivia competitors though sticking around all 3 rounds, not sure if it was because they were serious players or just fearful that the temperature got colder since they came indoors. Either way, it’s always fun to drink on Tuesday nights, especially if the weather has taken a turn for the worse.  Round 1 left a pretty diverse gathering of points with Team Chad bringing in the rear, Team Souljah coming in 3rd, two way tie for 2nd between Team Diversity and  Team Drunks (a.k.a. another name) and coming in 1st claiming their title from last week were Dirty Hookers taking home the first round of FREE SHOTS! (Whoop Tuesday Night Shots). 

Round 2 and 3 had similar results with Team Drunks pulling through to take home the second round of free shots for their excellent knowledge of halloweenish questions.

Overall, we had another shake up of winners with Team Chad being the caboose (play next week for real and you’ll probably win), Team Souljah coming in 4th, Team Diversity coming in 3rd, Dirty Hookers taking 2nd and Team Drunks taking 1st place title from Dirty Hookers from last week.  Team Drunks were newbies tonight but look out trivia circuit, they’re coming on strong!!


Dirty Hookers


Team Diversity


Team Souljah


Team Chad – Actually play next time.


Team Drunk – Congrats Newbies!!! See you next week!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween weekend.  See everyone next Tuesday, 7:30pm!

OC Superior: Big, juicy braaaaaains October 26, 2010

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Halloween was in the air a week early on Friday at Old Chicago in Superior with our trivia rock starts risking the threat of zombie consumption by putting their big, juicy, knowledge-filled brains on display. In fact, our top teams literally put their brains out there as they were named Braaaaaains and Brain Cells.

The boys (and girl!) of Braaaaaaaains took the victory pitcher in Round One and Brain Cells won Round Two and were the overall champions for the night (after a very close tie-breaker between them and Braaaaaains). So I guess the lesson this week is: if you name your team something really smart sounding, you just win it all! Isn’t that what that The Secret book is all about?

Brain Cells!

Vaga-dactyls came late to the game but still placed really, really high. Hmmm, if the theory of attraction is TRUE, I wonder what their team name would attract? I’m not sure, but all the potential ideas are a little scary…


Rock Creek’s Got Da Juice played a really strong game but came in just a point or two behind our brainy winners. Our spirited host-team debate about the Huxtable Family Tree and the Oscar-worthiness of West Side Story almost devolved into a Jets v. Sharks style dance rumble, but we totally worked it out. In fact, I owe them a haiku:

You played trivia

So close to winning it all

Stupid Huxtables

Rock Creek's Got the Juice

It seemed to be a night of host v. teams, as a matter of fact, as Braaaaaains almost lost me as a friend when they guessed my favorite movie was Avatar. What?! No! How long have you guys been playing on my trivia night? You know I’m way cooler than Avatar. Next week, they’d better bring me cookies 🙂

Herbert didn’t place, but they were adorable with some of their guesses all night… the best was a pictogram thingy of Keanu (which wasn’t even the right answer, but they got a point for artistic merit!)

"Keanu" wasn't even the right answer, but I like your style Herbrt!


Also playing we had Fantastic 4, Team Ned and Buzzed Nerds, who all hit the bricks before I could capture them for internet fame on my iphone… nuts. See you all next week for some spoooooooky Halloweeeeeeeen Fuuuuuuuun! Or maybe just some questions about stuff.

Woody’s: Me Gusta Tu October 22, 2010

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What a fun night Thursday night trivia was at Woody’s this week!  New faces and some old ones (not literally old, but return players)…  Also Woody’s was decked out for Halloween!!!!  They’ll be having a Halloween Party next week so be sure to check it out!

Alright, Back to Trivia.  Like I said or wrote, we had some returning teams reclaiming their streak of winning this week.  Round one was full of ties in the standings starting off with Rock Over London Rock on Chicago brining in the rear, Drunk Spaniards coming in 4th, Just Us & Quick! We Gotta Get Outta Here Helen Killer Just Saw Us (HA!!!) tying for 3rd place, Team KaBoom! & Team Div tying for 2nd place and Killah B’s coming in 1st and taking the first round of free shots (Whoop!)

Round two shuck some standings with Team KaBoom! taking the second round of free shots on the night!

Wrapping up the night the final standings were just about as close as they get really with a three way tie during Round 3 between Killah B’s, Team KaBoom! and Team Div for first place of Round 3, Unfortunatly, no free shots for Round 3 because that would have been one sweet tie breaker… Drunk Spaniards came in 4th place, Team Div taking home 3rd place, Killah B’s taking home 2nd and the $10 gift card to Woody’s and the New Champs of Thursday Night Trivia Team KaBoom! taking home 1st and the $20 gift card. Congrats Team KaBoom! you’ve really changed since the beginning…


Team KaBoom! (minus one teammate)


Just Us (not overly enthusiastic about taking their picture)


Team Div (and one member of Team KaBoom!)


Killah B’s


Drunk Spaniards


Quick! We Gotta Get Outta Here, Helen Keller Just Saw Us! (I LOVE AWESOME TEAM NAMES)

See everyone next week!! 8pm!!

Can we just pretend that we don’t have work tomorrow and do another 10 rounds of trivia at Mellow Mushroom? October 22, 2010

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Everyone seemed to agree that this was a fabulous idea. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just play our little trivia hearts out until the bar closed and then everyone got to call in sick the next day?

This week Human Resources genius Steph Bag won biggest. Winners of round 2 and overall, they proved that people who work in HR really are resourceful. Second best this week was Operation Kapow, just half a point behind Steph Bag (and yes I kept very good track of scores). Other noteworthy high scoring teams were We Tell, Don’t Ask, Snuggie Zombies, T&D and Bday Boy. Congrats y’all, I’ll see if I can work on a super long trivia next week so we can follow through with that plan of marathon trivia all night long!

Uptown Brothers Bar: Party Hardy Tuesday’s October 20, 2010

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Uptown Brothers was in full decor for the wonderful holiday that’s coming up quickly upon us… Halloween… My favorite holiday! 

We had quite the showing of new teams and returning teams, and though it took a little persuasion the champ from last week, One Man Wolf Pack, stuck around and played.  We even had an international team, The Real Thing, grace us with their expertise of England History (I’m sorry that only helped on one question…) 

Round one kicked off with Lil Lebowski as the caboose, One Man Wolf Pack not really playing coming in 4th, a three way tie for 3rd between The Real Thing, Team Street Beer and previous reining champs Dirty Hookers, a two way tie for 2nd between Fresh Apples and Delta Chi, and finally a two way tie for first between UBBC (Uptown Brothers Bar Crew = not eligible for shots) and Banana Hammock who took the first round of free shots for the night.  Dirty Hookers took the second round of free shots for Round two.  Who doesn’t love free shots on a Tuesday night??

Overall we had some die hard trivia fans (or fans of me) stick it out until the end to compete for the $25 gift card and the $10 gift card… One Man Wolf Pack brought up the rear, Lil Lebowski made a pretty good come back coming in 4th, Banana Hammock falling a little short in Round two and coming in 3rd overall and taking home the $10 gift card, UBBC pulling all of their knowledge together between orders and beers to come in 2nd for the night and Finally Dirty Hookers took home the first place prize a $25 gift card!





Delta Chi





UBBC + Fresh Apples





Dirty Hookers




Banana Hammocks




Lil Lebowski




The Real Thing

Be sure to come see me and Uptown Brothers Bar next Tuesday for a knee slapping good time

OC Superior: New Winners! October 18, 2010

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Brand new top teams this Friday night at Old Chicago in Superior! Big congrats to Round One winner Friday Night, who beat out Dutch Rudders and Can You Water This Down? in the tie-breaker to determine who gets a pitcher of foamy goodness. Don’t worry, Can You Water This Down? rallied in Round Two and took home that winner-pitcher and then the WHOLE game. They looked pretty happy at the end of the night.. but that may have just been the free beer.

Bit Shift Right brought a whole bunch of back-up players… too many, in fact and they had to split into two teams to face off, so it was Bit Shift Right vs. The Dutch Rudders. And << kindly explained their smart, computer-y name again. Thanks, guys, I get smarter every week!

Also playing we had last weeks champs The Spearheads, Team This is For What You Did (um, what did I do?!), Aaaaaah Haaaaaah, I’m Not Your Budaj, Guy, Cates, and Why’d You Guys Name Me Carl?