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Bud Night @ Woody’s September 30, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Suzie Pittman, Woody's.

Tonight was a special night at Woody’s that included the obvious round of shots, but then… Bronco Tickets thanks to the Bud Sponsors!!

We had 9 teams come out and show their love to Woody’s and Trivia tonight and round one was a touch one.  We had teams K Read Club,  WTF is Juke and Team Abba Zabba bringing up the rear. Team Dandy coming in next.  Teams T & T, Drunk Spandiards and Tim, and Nothin’ Butt Meat tying for second. And Shockingly, for the third straight week team Goyz n’ Tha Hood taking the first (and second) round of shots! I think this team has really honed in on the true trivia skill set. I mean Seriously, Three Straight Weeks!!!

Team T & T pulled through in the third round to end up taking second place and taking home a Woody’s gift card (hopefully to be used Next Thursday!)

All in All a great night of regulars and some new kids!


Dandy (thanks for playing!!  Hope to see you next week)


Nothin’ Butt Meat ( great name, great team)


Reining Champs – Goyz n’ Tha Hood


Team Bud (thanks for providing free beer to the participants!!)


K Reed Club (thanks for coming out Sleepy)


Second Place Champs – T & T



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