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Welcome to Uptown Brothers Bar… September 28, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Suzie Pittman, Uptown Brothers.

What an amazing first night at Uptown Brothers Bar!  We had some trivia enthusiasts come out for night one of many.  Kicking it off we ended Round 1 with EOS & 3’s Company bringing up the rear, 8 Ducks & Beeranater coming in tied for 4th, Asher Green Bullet soloing 3rd place, Team Diversity & Dirty Hookers tied for 2nd and the Round Winners were Touched by a Monkey.  They won the first round of Tuesday night Shots!

Round two was nothing but competitive between the teams with almost all the teams getting atleast one point out of the two points that are possible per Round 2 question.  And personally I think the world would be a happier place if LCD fell from the sky, nice try Beeranater

Overall, we had four dedicated teams sick out all three rounds fighting for the gift cards to Uptown Brothers Bar with Beeranater in the caboose, 3’s Company in the 3rd car, Team Diversity in the 2nd car (and taking home a $10 gift card) and Dirty Hookers in the engine taking home a $25 gift card. 

8 Ducks (Hope to see you next week!)

Team Diversity (2nd place Champs )

3’s Company (thanks for playing ladies!)

Beeranater (Nice job for being a team of one!  See you next week!!)

Dirty Hookers (Overall Champs! Be sure to come back to use that gift card next Tuesday)

We will see everyone next Tuesday, 7:30p!  Be there or Be Square



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