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Woody’s: True, Elvis’s last hit was a tile floor… September 23, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Suzie Pittman, Woody's.

Second night at Woody’s Wood Fired Tavern was a Spectacular night of returning teams and some newbies.  Round one picked up in the second half with most teams starting to get in their trivia groove (or atleast starting to enjoy the $4.50 Absolutes…).  We finished Round one with Orton’s Neck Beard bringing up the rear, The Aldens coming in 3rd, a foursome for 2nd place between T & T , TigerSharks, Team This Guy and Team Diversity.  Team Pen Island came in first winning the first round of test tube shots (WooHoo).

Round two and three were all pretty close with teams The Aldens, T & T, Tiger Shark and Ortons Neck Beard tying for 3rd place, Team Diversity rolling in at 2nd and of course, Team Pen Island taking round two for the SECOND round of free shots (Shots Shots Shots ShotsJ )

Overall, the now undefeated champs of Woody’s Trivia Pen Island took home the $25 gift card to Woody’s and newbies Team Diversity took home 2nd winning them a $15 gift card to Woody’s. 

Be sure to join us next Thursday (Sept. 30th) for the wonderful Bud Promo event at Woody’s!

Orton Neck Beard


The Aldens – See you in two weeks! Enjoy the LONG drive back to Michigan…


T & T – Thank you for giving me not only my blog title, BUT the funniest thing i’ve heard all week!


Team Diversity – Congrats on 2nd Place! Come back next week and use that gift card!


Due to witness protection regulations, Team Pen Island was not photographed this week (But, Please come back next week and continue the winning streak 🙂 )

See everyone next week!



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