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Old Chicago Lakewood; Hey Kool-Aid! September 22, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Brent Ruder, Buzzwordz Trivia, Lakewood, CO, Old Chicago-Lakewood.

Greetings from Old Chicago Lakewood.

A good crowd greeted me Tuesday. It was a mix of regulars; I was Dead at the Time, Stumpy, Crimson Tide, Wadsworth Nuts and Blackout, and some newbies. I was asked if I could give extra credit for the regulars. My reply was, that’s why you get the Email Bonus Point. If a one-timer shows up to play, they probably won’t know anything about the Bonus Question.

I Was Dead at the Time used the aforementioned EBQ to take a one point win in the first round. They edged out Wadsworth Nuts. I found out that most of the ‘Nuts work at Coors’ Field, and that is why they have not been around much lately. Good for the Rockies, bad for me. GNO ( Girls Night Out) tied for second as well.

Round 2 saw the ‘Nuts take a one point lead over IWDATT and Stumpy. Peter Nincompoop arrived to play the second round. They thought we started at 8:00. Oops.

The final round had a great finish between GNO and IWDATT. After checking with the official scorer, a change in the scores between those two teams and Peter Ninconpoop saw a slightly different end score. We ended up with GNO taking the gold, IWDATT silver, and Blackout playing a steady game and rounding out the top three.

Until next week.



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