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Old Chicago Superior: The Kentucky Derby of Trivia September 13, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in CO, Jessica Austgen, Old Chicago-Superior, Superior, CO.

I think our regulars at Old Chicago in Superior are starting to form some sort of brilliant trivia strategy… it is starting to feel like Survivor here (except instead of eating rats and bugs, our contestants get pizza and beer. A HUGE improvement, I think). The winners for the evening, Adult Prodigies, stayed just one point behind the winners of Round One (Bad Horse) and Round Two (The Polish Government) like those clever racehorses who stay just behind the winner until the homestrech and then BAM! They loosened those trivia reins and took it by a nose!

Hmmm, is the racehorse metaphor too much? Point is, Adult Prodigies won it in Round Three! Way to go, you two!

Adult Prodigies for the win!

Coming up right behind Adult Prodigies was Bad Horse (aka “The Thoroughbred of Sin”) who won Round One and came in second over all.

Bad Horse!

The Polish Government beat out Aaron Rodgers for President in a tie-breaker to take Round Two. And they were nice enough to share their hard-earned beer with their server. How cute.

The Polish Government

Team Sparaticus (not a mispelling of Spartacus, mind you, but an homage to the great Cher Horowitz of Clueless) was awesome all night long… (sorry my iphone made you guys all fuzzy)

Team Sparatacus

Also running in the trivia derby we had That’s What She Said, Da Moose, Massive Stimulation Package and Team Spearheads. Thanks for playing this week, everybody and I’ll see you at the starting gate next Friday night!



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