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Fun?! Who says the trivia isn’t fun?!? August 23, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Adam Thornton, Bedford, TX, Big Shots Sports Cafe, Buzzwordz Trivia.

With each passing week, the battle for the top spot at Big Shots Sports Cafe heats up just a bit more. Every week, we have new teams show up contending for the title of Trivia Gods and displaying their intellectual fortitude over one another.

As another hot-ass summer scorches Texas, what better way to cool off than with a free round of trivia with friends at Big Shots? For about the 237,942,785,276th week in a row, we saw a hotly contested round of trivia. Don’t forget, the Twitter Keyword can sometime, and often does, make all the difference.

After an opening round clinic put on by resident trivia junkies, Smartass McCrackin’, the second round saw a new team emerge as a force to be reckoned with. The team Buzzed Lightyear blazed through the second round and joined Smartass McCrackin’ in the tie breaker where the torch was passed to a new champion…..if only for round two.

In the final round, Smartass McCrackin’s nemesis, which had remained very quiet most of the evening, decided to make their presence felt…..and in a BIG way. If you follow Buzzwordz Trivia at Big Shots, you know the team I’m speaking of, the team of many names. Tonight’s list of team names consisted of Swing Low, Sweet Chubby Nut/ Areola  51/ I Just Lost 3 lbs on Your Mom’s Face! With an impressive performance on the Buzz Beater question, Team SWSCB/A51/IJL3POYMF finished the night in the top spot. Breaking a streak of victories, we saw a changing of the guard on this night as Buzzed Lightyear took home second place!

Kudos once again to the Bedford Spidermonkeys! Thanks for being the most spirited team, and the only one creative enough to bring a sign!!

Good luck Michael and Joe in school! Team MiJo has played all summer long and it’s time to say goodbye to the boys. This Thursday was their last night at home before heading back to college. Enjoy the glory days boys!



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