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Mellow Mushroom: Pizza, Beer and Trivia. August 19, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, City, Denver, CO, Host, Mellow Mushroom-Denver, Will Bailey.

An exciting night at the Mellow Mushroom! We had plenty of stiff competition, with 2 rounds ending in a tie breaker! Although in the end there can only be one winner. Round 1 ended with Team Edward winning the SoCo Lime shots over There’s always $$$ in the banana stand. I’m sure Banana Stand was disappointed and although they gave it a great try in round 2 but Team Edward again took the shots over team Jacobs +1 (No relation to the book/movie on this team). In the end, Team Edward took the grand prize, followed by Jacobs +1 and in a close 3rd, Banana Stand.

Even though the shots were taken by 1 team, it was a close race all evening. David Bowie’s Junk, Game Changers, Marshmellows, Straw Slots, Team Merkin, Ginger Soul Harvest, #7 doing work, Bruce Campbell’s Chin, Stephbag, You Got Served and F*****G Unicorns made it an exciting evening all around!

And sorry about the mix up at the end of round 1! I promise to take counting lessons before next week. If you have 2 apples, and you find 2 more apples, you have 4 apples. That sort of thing.

Thanks again to everyone who came to the ‘Shroom last night and we’ll see you again next week!



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