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Castle Bar and Grill:Do you know the way to San Jose? August 13, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Brent Ruder, Castle Bar & Grill, Littleton, CO.

If you know that reference, you are either a DJ, or old, err, I mean mature.

I am learning that the Texas Hold ’em that is played at the same time as the trivia, is quite popular at The Castle Bar and Grill. In fact, it’s so popular, they play it on Saturday too. Starting at 4:00. Then they follow that game with live music. This Saturday will have Hippogriffs playing. The next two weekends will have Ugly Rumor on the 21st and a live comedy show on the 28th. And every Friday is Karaoke at 9:00.

And don’t forget the BOGO delicious burgers all day, every Tuesday.

It’s challenging for some of the poker players to Multitask, so I won’t mention all the scores this week.  Watching my chip count rise and fall, would take most of my attention away from the trivia game.

Round one saw a three-way tie with Tuesdays Fish Buzz winning the tie breaker. Excellent Ferrari  knowledge allowed them to take the beer for the first round.

TFB also took the second, and their California experiences allowed them to cruise to   the third, and overall win. Rock a Lot took the silver and Crowing Cucholds accepted the bronze.

Enjoy the music and other entertainment this weekend. I’ll see you next Wednesday at 8:00




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