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Mellow Mushroom: HBL!! August 5, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO, Lauren Back, Mellow Mushroom-Denver.

After last night’s trivia I have a new perspective of working on birthdays–I wouldn’t have wanted to be celebrating anywhere else! It was a very lively game at our second week of trivia at the Mellow Mushroom. Thanks for all the enthusiastic birthday wishes and team names in my honor 🙂

We had strong scores across the board and a different winner for every round.  Team Caddywompus tied with B-day in round 1 but came out on top in the tie breaker. 6 yummy SoC0 lime shots for them! Dirty Sanchez and And Yes I Give Head came in close second in round 2, but HBL came out on top–who knew my co-workers at HDNet were so smart?  In the end, HBL won the $20 Mellow Mushroom gift certificate, while B-day beat out And Yes I Give Head for second place! Also very noteworthy were Team Pancake Aereola, Dirty Sanchez, louis’s crew, and Steph Bag. Come back again for some downtown trivia!

My favorite CU alums on Team And Yes I Give Head! That name dates all the way back to the days at Lazy Dog Trivia...oh so long ago!

Team HBL! My co-workers at HDNet, winners of the night (fair and square promise). High Definition, Low Standards? I think not!

Thanks team Happy Birthday Lauren for telling me happy birthday Lauren every time I passed your table. Congrats on second place!

Dirty Sanchez!! So glad you were able to hear that Rolling Stones song you requested even though you were in the bathroom. I like the fact that my trivia is audible in every corner of Mellow Mushroom.

Team Spider Friends joined us late in the game but had a good run. I think the guy on the right would be totally camouflaged if he were to stand up against the psychedelic walls of Mellow Mushroom.

The awesome men of Team Pancake Aereola: super close third overall.



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