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Old Chicago Superior: August 30, 2010

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Wow, I missed one weekend of trivia night at OC Superior and I’m already going through random-knowledge withdrawls! It was great to be back with my triviaphiles this past weekend and we had a stellar turnout. A nice mixture of new players and returning rockstars, all vying for pitchers of champion beers and those fancy Old Chicago gift certificates.

Buff Monkey was the winner of Round One this past week and (as a CU Boulder girl) I loved his new name. Go Buffs! Buff Monkey also stayed strong throughout the entire evening and came in second place over all. Way to go!

Get Off My Toilet, Ron Zappolo! narrowly squeaked by From Hot to Mild and 2 Legit 2 Quit in the tie-breaker for Round Two to take home a pitcher of Buff Gold for their table.

The ladies of 2 Legit 2 Quit brought it back in Round Three and ended up as our champions for the evening. Nice job, smart girls!

My “Anti-Oprah” team from previous weeks renamed themselves The Evil League of Evil, thus endearing themselves forever to our Joss Whedon-loving trivia host (uh, me!). We also had Sofa King Smart (must enunciate that one VERY carefully over the mic…), Buzzed Nerds, Gonads Go!, We’re Not Short We’re Fun Sized, Sunshine Daydream, GWAR and Hayley rounding out the playing field.

Great night, everyone! See you next Friday!

Mellow Mushroom–Schitz is not a beer and Jeff is not a name for cartoon dogs. August 26, 2010

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Just some lessons I wanted everyone to take away this week.  I don’t want my players ordering poop from bartenders and excessively personifying their pets.  There’s more to learn at trivia than just random facts and what my favorite pizza toppings are.

This week I had a trivia first–one of my teams guessed the exact number for the tiebreaker question! Congrats to team COX–not only for your impressive baseball knowledge, but also because you won the round 2 tiebreaker AND the tiebreaker for second place after playing just two rounds! Team Name won the tiebreaker against Trains Don’t Wait and 4Chix. In the end, Team Name (by then Nombre de Equipo because I told them I didn’t think their title was funny enough) came out on top. Way to go! See you all next week!

The Berkshire – It’s not just for dinner! August 25, 2010

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We had a great first night at the Berkshire, in the Town Center in Stapleton. A great atmosphere for trivia, and some local, organic beer on tap.

The first round featured a tie breaker between Troll Toll and Buck Juice, with Troll Toll guessing the exact answer. My Other Job Is A Preist came out of retirement and had a strong round, as did D+A. The 2 man, well 1 man, 1 woman team of Charlie’s Revenge had a great showing as well. In the end, Troll Toll took the grand prize for the night.

 We’ll see everyone next week at the Berkshire.

Fun?! Who says the trivia isn’t fun?!? August 23, 2010

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With each passing week, the battle for the top spot at Big Shots Sports Cafe heats up just a bit more. Every week, we have new teams show up contending for the title of Trivia Gods and displaying their intellectual fortitude over one another.

As another hot-ass summer scorches Texas, what better way to cool off than with a free round of trivia with friends at Big Shots? For about the 237,942,785,276th week in a row, we saw a hotly contested round of trivia. Don’t forget, the Twitter Keyword can sometime, and often does, make all the difference.

After an opening round clinic put on by resident trivia junkies, Smartass McCrackin’, the second round saw a new team emerge as a force to be reckoned with. The team Buzzed Lightyear blazed through the second round and joined Smartass McCrackin’ in the tie breaker where the torch was passed to a new champion…..if only for round two.

In the final round, Smartass McCrackin’s nemesis, which had remained very quiet most of the evening, decided to make their presence felt…..and in a BIG way. If you follow Buzzwordz Trivia at Big Shots, you know the team I’m speaking of, the team of many names. Tonight’s list of team names consisted of Swing Low, Sweet Chubby Nut/ Areola  51/ I Just Lost 3 lbs on Your Mom’s Face! With an impressive performance on the Buzz Beater question, Team SWSCB/A51/IJL3POYMF finished the night in the top spot. Breaking a streak of victories, we saw a changing of the guard on this night as Buzzed Lightyear took home second place!

Kudos once again to the Bedford Spidermonkeys! Thanks for being the most spirited team, and the only one creative enough to bring a sign!!

Good luck Michael and Joe in school! Team MiJo has played all summer long and it’s time to say goodbye to the boys. This Thursday was their last night at home before heading back to college. Enjoy the glory days boys!

Castle Bar and Grill: Emailing and drinking do not go together August 20, 2010

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Hello my fellow Castle fans. Before I announce the winners for this weeks trivia contest, I want to tell you about some specials coming up at the Castle Bar and Grill for football season

Check out the deals The Castle Bar and Grill is offering during the NFL Season!

Register at the bar for a Frequent Visitor Card. Once you are a member you receive the following:

5 Visits on game days = free Mozz sticks, cheese quesadilla or cheese nachos.

8 Visits= Free Chili Rellino.

12 Visits= Free 8 wings or a free pitcher of domestic beer.

16 Visits= Free burger or sandwich (excludes dbl beef )

20 Visits= Free burger or sandwich (excludes dbl beef) AND a pitcher of domestic beer.

25 Visits= Free app (from visit 3) burger or sandwich (exclude dbl beef) AND a pitcher of domestic beer.

Valid on any day that an NFL team is playing during the regular or post season.  ( Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday)

Redeem one per visit

Expires January 28th, 2011.

And for the Bronco fans on game days,

Bronco Bloods for $4.00

And FREE Jello shot for every Bronco Touchdown scored.

Ok, now that I have your attention, on to the results.

Round one ended with Two- tie between Royal Bitches and China Dynasty. The Yahoo tie breaker went to CD. Both teams used the email bonus point to surpass third place finisher N8 and Fish.

The second round saw another tie between China Dynasty and Royal Bitches. Terrible golf knowledge non-withstanding, ‘Dynasty once again was victorious. Mile High Crew took third place this time.

The third round saw China Dynasty’s knowledge of Presidential history be the difference between victory and defeat for the round as well as the overall win. No tie breaker was needed  this time as Royal Bitches came in second.. Mile High Crew took the bronze and a fast-moving game.

Don’t forget the Texas Hold’em Tournament that is played at the same time we have our trivia game. If you can’t have a good time at the Castle Bar and Grill, you just don’t know how to have fun.

Until next week.

Mellow Mushroom: Pizza, Beer and Trivia. August 19, 2010

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An exciting night at the Mellow Mushroom! We had plenty of stiff competition, with 2 rounds ending in a tie breaker! Although in the end there can only be one winner. Round 1 ended with Team Edward winning the SoCo Lime shots over There’s always $$$ in the banana stand. I’m sure Banana Stand was disappointed and although they gave it a great try in round 2 but Team Edward again took the shots over team Jacobs +1 (No relation to the book/movie on this team). In the end, Team Edward took the grand prize, followed by Jacobs +1 and in a close 3rd, Banana Stand.

Even though the shots were taken by 1 team, it was a close race all evening. David Bowie’s Junk, Game Changers, Marshmellows, Straw Slots, Team Merkin, Ginger Soul Harvest, #7 doing work, Bruce Campbell’s Chin, Stephbag, You Got Served and F*****G Unicorns made it an exciting evening all around!

And sorry about the mix up at the end of round 1! I promise to take counting lessons before next week. If you have 2 apples, and you find 2 more apples, you have 4 apples. That sort of thing.

Thanks again to everyone who came to the ‘Shroom last night and we’ll see you again next week!

Old Chicago Lakewood: Hooked on Phonics? August 18, 2010

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Greetings from Old Chicago Lakewood. On a night designed for sitting on their outdoor patio, we had a nice showing of some newbies that wanted to try their luck at Buzzwordz Trivia.

Ihave mentioned this before, but some team names just should not be mentioned out loud while other people are eating. I did not mention one team name at the end of round one just for that purpose. They told me that I was not pronouncing the team name correctly. Their team name was an homage to a SNL skit that featured One of the Baldwin brothers, Alec I think, being interviewed on NPR at Christmas Time about his great tasting Schmelly Balls. It does not take much of an imagination to figure out what I was trying  not to say in  a crowded restaurant. In my defense, I do not grade answers based upon spelling. if I did, some teams would be in sad shape at the end of the game. However, I do expect your team name that you write down on your first answer sheet to be somewhat legible.

Now that my semi-rant is done, I will cease with my Dennis Miller imitation, ands continue with the game results.

Round one had Stumpy take the win, thanks in part to the Email Bonus Question. Remember to sign up, it’s a free point. And we do not sell your email to the Nigerian Lottery Company, promise. They bested Money Shot and I was Dead at the Time.

Team name of the week went to Stupid, but Pretty. Risk of harassment charges prevent me from saying anything else.

The second round saw the ‘aforementioned Schmelly Balls take a one point victory over I Was Dead At the Time. Fishing, come on guys, give me a better name next time, took third.

The last round shook up the scores dramatically, as the Buzz Beater Question and the Old Chicago You Make the Wager question, ( Not a very catchy name, but it’s a work in progress) saw Fishing jump to the lead. Blackout came out of nowhere for second and Beers came in third.

The overall victory went to Fishing. I think they were surprised they won. They were up on the patio all night admiring the view. Blackout and Stumpy tied for second. Stumpy won the tie-breaker and Blackout accepted the bronze. Actually, it was free beer for them.

So to repeat. Funny names that are spelled correctly are much preferred over names that look like hieroglyphics.

Death Row is Back!! Future advice…Go with your Gut!!! August 18, 2010

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Death Row has not been around for a while and I was getting worried about them.  But them came last night at Two Brothers in Plano, TX, and tore it up.  They won all three rounds.  A quick story about going with your gut.  Missy and the Submissives had a chance to take 2nd round with the tie breaker question.  They had an answer that was closer than the other team on the tie breaker question but they had scratched it out and put something else.  They lost the round!!! Next time, guys, you have to go with your gut!!! That is my advice for the week and I am sticking to it.  See you all next week for another great night at Two Bros. in Plano,TX!!!

Castle Bar and Grill:Do you know the way to San Jose? August 13, 2010

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If you know that reference, you are either a DJ, or old, err, I mean mature.

I am learning that the Texas Hold ’em that is played at the same time as the trivia, is quite popular at The Castle Bar and Grill. In fact, it’s so popular, they play it on Saturday too. Starting at 4:00. Then they follow that game with live music. This Saturday will have Hippogriffs playing. The next two weekends will have Ugly Rumor on the 21st and a live comedy show on the 28th. And every Friday is Karaoke at 9:00.

And don’t forget the BOGO delicious burgers all day, every Tuesday.

It’s challenging for some of the poker players to Multitask, so I won’t mention all the scores this week.  Watching my chip count rise and fall, would take most of my attention away from the trivia game.

Round one saw a three-way tie with Tuesdays Fish Buzz winning the tie breaker. Excellent Ferrari  knowledge allowed them to take the beer for the first round.

TFB also took the second, and their California experiences allowed them to cruise to   the third, and overall win. Rock a Lot took the silver and Crowing Cucholds accepted the bronze.

Enjoy the music and other entertainment this weekend. I’ll see you next Wednesday at 8:00


Old Chicago Lakewood: Embrace your Chick Movie knowledge. August 13, 2010

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Greetings from Old Chicago Lakewood.  On a night with some of the best team names collectively I seen yet, it was Chick Flick Knowledge that ultimately lead to victory for a decidedly un-chick flick reference.

I will try to explain.

I don’t ask for much when it comes to me hosting trivia. My jeep not getting rained on when I’m inside entertaining bar patrons, because I enjoy driving with the top down. Me not forgetting any of my equipment at home. A good crowd and humorous team names that make me laugh.

In a word: Yatzee.

To wit, we ended with a three-way tie at the end of round 1 between Tad’s Poles, Golden Shower, and Jive Death Kill. I’m still trying to figure out the last one means, but the first two. Well, it’s a family blog. I had better move on. After a new game called closest to the ‘Pin’  produced JDK a winner. Glory Hole was, well it’s difficult to describe GH without exceeding my PG rating again. Ballz Deep and Blackout  kept the round close.

Round two saw a little separation amongst the teams with Glory Hole in third, Tad’s Poles in second and Golden Showers winning the free round of beer.

The final round was a free for all. The teams that were skewed male dominate, lost out to the more balanced teams. Guys, bring the ladies! They are prettier than you and have skills that most of you are not familiar with. This came into play as three previously mentioned movies that catered to women and old romance turned the tide for Golden Showers pulled away for the round and overall victory and $30. of Old Chicago money Blackout took the silver and $20.00 of OCM. Glory Hole took the final round of beer.

To recap, a balance team has a much better chance than a group of knuckle crawlers.

Just sayin.

Until Next week.