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Big Game: July 5th – kickball, hangovers & trivia July 7, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Big Game, Buzzwordz Trivia, CO, Denver, CO.

I wasn’t so sure what trivia would be like after a rainy 4th. We got some teams out to play and we stayed out of the rain. We had some teams coming from kick ball and some people suffering from lingering hangovers.  I may have been included in one of the two previous groups.

This was our second week at Big Game and we had an even bigger crowd.  There wasn’t many people in the dining room, so I was concerned about trivia, but we wrangled up some teams.  Be sure to bring your friends, family, enemies, whoever you’d like to play trivia with or against.  We’re playing again Monday at 8pm.

See you then! – Marci

first place went to "Bryan's Still Hung Over"

Boobie Tassle- 2nd place winners

Fat Rambo- first time players, third place winners

"Bitch Faces"- Really??!! Nah

Mastdon- good try, sorry you got kicked off the team



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