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Benchwarmers Erie: I went to Israel did you miss me!?! July 3, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Benchwarmers-Erie, Buzzwordz Trivia, Erie, CO, Lauren Back.

Yes I went to Israel and had an amazing time. I learned a lot about being a good Jew. But that’s beside the point. (thanks to Geoff for subbing  last week)

This week we had some very close and very impressive scores.  Congrats to You can Call me Crazed Sex Poodle for winning round 1’s tie breaker and taking the $25 gift certificate for first place overall! YCCMCSP had our very own Geoff as a valuable team mate. I wish that being a trivia host automatically made you a good trivia player, but I’m living proof that that just isn’t true.

The Lovehandles came in first in round 2 and enjoyed some tasty purple nurple slurpie shots (or whatever they were called. I just know they were grape flavored)–nice job!  Also with noteworthy scores for the evening were BS2 (squared), Velez Vedka (second place overall) and SNIPER. See ya’ll next week!

These guys are the Lovehandles because they know how to handle love and for many other reasons too. They would've won the night had they joined us for round 1!

Our very own Buzzwordz trivia host Geoff joined team You Can Call Me Crazed Sex Poodle and came in first overall! And no he did not know the answers before hand he's just real smart.

Velez Vedka sadly lost the tie breaker for round 1 but came in 2nd overall!

BS2 (the '2' means squared) was our happy family team and played well throughout the night. They brought some highly knowledgable ozzies to help them out!

SNIPER would've had their regular high points score but sadly had to leave before the game was finished.



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