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Old Chicago Lakewood;A Yabadoo Time July 30, 2010

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Greetings from Old Chicago Lakewood. Where teams know there cartoon references, but not so much their D-1 football team mascots.

We started the first round with Hooters Scooters nearly batting 1000.  Missing only the ‘Whiskey’ question. At least you got the right country, just the wrong distillery. Thats OK. You are playing for free beer anyway, not hard liquor. Evans, my transient/expatriot team, took second with a 4 way tie for third. All within 2 points of the ‘Scooters.

Round two started with three more teams arriving to the party. Pirates of the Hayes and Club Hub. Better late than never. POH  made a solid push for the round win. However, the old pros, Hooter Scooters and Evans tied for the victory. After an intense game of Rock Paper Sissors, including 5 ties, H.S. took the round and the free beer. Somewhere in the 2nd round, Old Chicago’s Happy Hour which consists of $3.00 Stoli flavored Vodka specials kicked in. Much fun was activated.

The final round saw ‘Glory Hole’ take round three. with  ‘What Would Jesus do for a Klondike Bar?” hanging around and finally surging  to take the title as overall winner and $30.00 of Old Chicago Cash. Evans took 2nd and $20.00 of OCM. Glory Hole took third and a round of drinks.

Until next week at 7:00.


Welcome Mellow Mushroom! July 30, 2010

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We have a new downtown location! The Mellow Mushroom is located at 16th and Lawrence in Lodo. It has a very spiffy decor and delicious pizza. It was great to see some familiar faces stop by for a competitive game of trivia!
Congrats to team Yard Sale for taking rounds 1, 3 and the $20 overall gift certificate! Scott McInnis Plagiarized this Answer (ohhh don’t get me started) took second place and won round 2 in a tie breaker. We had several other strong teams that came in close 3rd and 4th, including Fal Paad, Holly’s 32nd and Guard and Protect Your Heart.

I hope you’ll come join us–$10 buckets of Coors/Coors Light/Sessions beer, along with some other great specials! Oh and did I mention shots of Soco/lime as prizes for winning rounds 1 and 2? yummy…

Congrats Yard Sale on winning first place! I wonder if I'd be as good at trivia as them if I went to law school...

Scott McInnis Plagerized this Answer enjoying their round 2 shots, awarded for their knowledge on Girl Scout cookies. Thin mints+beer? Now THAT sounds delightful...

Fal Paad came in just ONE point behind the second place team--one more Austin Powers impression and we would've had a tie breaker!

Holly's 32nd enjoying some Mellow Mushroom pizza!

Guard and Protect Your Heart--these guys know their stuff. Also just one point behind our second place winners.

Old Chicago Superior… now in HD! July 25, 2010

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We had an amazing turnout for Friday Night trivia at Old Chicago in Superior this week, which was helped by the restaurants addition of a bunch of shiny, new tvs. Ooooh, pretty! And now Buzzwordz players can see the questions in HD! (Disclaimer: HD does not make the questions any easier or players wiser. Sorry!)

The winner of Round One was Urinal Glovewho put in an amazing round but then, when they fell behind a bit in the second round, wondered if “beer was hurting [their] game.” Ah, don’t worry guys, you still placed SECOND for the night. Drink up!

Round Two came down to a tie-breaker between Urefinout and Franks and Beans, with the Beans coming out on top. Franks and Beans were also our champions of the evening. Great job, guys! “Franks and Beans! Franks and Beans!” (Anyone know the movie quote? Anyone?)

It wasn’t an easy road to the winner’s circle and our champs had some stiff competition from Devil Huskies, Sea Eagles, Silly Geese, Geeseskis, Team Wolfpack, Team Noodles, the Old Spice Man, and Cravin’ Morehead. Big props to Cravin Morehead, btw, for finishing with a really great score despite starting the game in the middle of the second round. Come for round one next time, Cravin, and you just might win it…

Benchwarmers: DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY!!! July 23, 2010

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What does it mean?? I’m pretty sure it was a sign that we were going to have a very special night of trivia. And we did. By now I think everyone has seen the viral You Tube video, Double Rainbow. If not, here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQSNhk5ICTI   We had just finished our first round when the thunderstorm gave way to a double rainbow (all the way) over the Benchwarmer’s parking lot. No one else seemed super enthused, but I was just as excited as the Canadian guy in the video. Tears and everything.

Congrats to Who Dat? for coming in first in round 1 and scoring that $25 Benchwarmers gift certificate. Nice Legs, when do they open came in second overall. The Titleists stole round 2 and enjoyed their free beer, but not before beating out the Aholes, Nice Legs, and Titleist out in a close tiebreaker.

There it is! Notice how the stronger ray is shooting straight into the Benchwarmers corporate office. Now that HAS to be a good sign.

...all the way oh my God!!!

Old Chicago Lakewood; I’m back in the saddle again July 21, 2010

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After a week away for a family wedding, I’m ready to ride again. Too bad my bid for Trigger was a few thousand dollars short of the winning bid from the CEO of RFD TV. Oh well. I’m sure Trigger will ‘enjoy’ his new home in Omaha.

We almost had to post the ‘No Vacancy’ sign out in front of Old Chicago last night. We had a bunch, and I mean A BUNCH of teams that played. And the nice thing about Buzzwordz Trivia is that you don’t have to stick around for all three rounds to have a good time. We had five teams that started at the begining of round two, and another 4 that only played the final round. I’m not a betting man, but if I was I would wager that the last  teams that started to play had as much fun as the ones that started with the first round. I would like to think that it’s because I’m such a terrific Trivia Host. But I would also like to think that I’m 6’2″ and have a washboard stomach.

Sigh. Oh well.

Round one went to ‘Tip Lee Well” with a near perfect score. they held off three teams including  I was Dead at The Time, Lowered Expectations and A Step Down The Glory Hole.

The second round was a two way tie between ‘Glory Hole’ and Dark Horse. The Old Chicago Tie breaker (Rock Paper Sissors) resulted with DH taking the round.

Glory Hole and Dark Horse fought neck and neck for the overall win. Accounting firm knowledge prooved to be the deciding factor for the ‘Holes victory. Lowered Expectations took the bronze.

I don’t want to sound like a complainer because I really enjoy my job. However, we had a lot of teams playing last night. I was ready to try one of the $3.00 Stoli flavored drink specials that are part of the Happy Hour that begins at 8:00. Oh well. I don’t think I will need to ask Mike Rowe of Dirty Job fame to help me out next Tuesday at 7:00.

Happy Trails.

Old Chicago Superior: What’s in a name? July 17, 2010

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Many familiar faces at Old Chicago in Superior on Friday night, but all the teams decided to switch up their names to confuse the heck out of their trivia host (Ok, to be honest, the team formerly known as Team Vuvuzela HAD to change theirs since the World Cup is over). Team Lick My Love Pump became the (unpronouncable) Banañanan… which isn’t actually a real word, they just liked to hear my try and say it on the mic. Thanks, guys! The former Vuvuzelas turned into the Anti-Oprah Brigade and the team that always has “monkey” in its name became Rasta Monkey (which my messy handwriting translated as Pasta Monkey… oops, but fitting for an Old Chicago, right?).

Round One came down to a tie-breaker between The Pansys and Camp Kookamunga, with Kookamunga taking home the pitcher of beer. This team was rad all night and continuously changed the spelling of their name, the language in which it was spelled and at one point handed me their name in hiroglyphics:

This says "Camp Kookamunga"... somehow

Round Two champs were I Know, Right? and they actually placed second for the entire evening. Way to go, you guys. You rock! I know, right? (typed in my best Mean Girls voice)

The winner of the entire night was Rasta Monkey, who was an army of one and yet still dominated the third round and took home the crown (er, gift certificate). Way to go, monkey!

Rasta Monkey: An Trivia Army of One

Also playing we had Tickle Fight (who vowed to come back and fight another night), Team D, The Rockpile, The Anti-Oprah Brigade, Banañanan, Moving In, Frozen Fish Sticks and Collin.

The Anti-Oprah Brigade

Camp Kookamunga... or Kamp Kuukamonga... or Campo de Kookamungo...

Benchwarmers Erie: Golf+Trivia Tournament?? July 16, 2010

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I’ll bet you didn’t know that right in Benchwarmers’ backyard is the Colorado National Golf Club! I knew it was a golf course, but that sounds like a pretty big deal to me! Seeing as Buzzwordz is kind of a big deal in trivia, how awesome would it be if we were to combine Buzzwordz and the CNGC in some sort of trivia/g

olf competition?! I can just see it now: the ultimate brains+brawn challenge.  I’ve never actually played golf in my life but I think that sounds like an amazing idea. We could even make t-shirts!  More to come on that. I’m sure the CNGC would be totally game.

This week we had a great game. Friends making friends and playing trivia, plus some very close scores. Congrats to Revenge of the Stinkeye for coming in first and scoring a $25 gift certificate! XXXX and Andy faced off for second place and XXXX came out on top in the tiebreaker.  And PAB was just a few points behind!

You TOO could have this Buzzwords trivia experience! Just imagine--play some putt putt then finish the evening with some trivia!

Old Chicago Superior: Epic July 10, 2010

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Friday night at Old Chicago in Superior was HUGE this week, with 11 teams participating. But, like the Highlander, there can be only one trivia champ. Our winner this week was the amazingly named Trivia Newton John, who narrowly beat out returning players Damn Vuvuzelas to take first place. Trivia Newton John was also our Round One winner, with Cheesy Monkey (who was a team of one for a good portion of the game!) winning Round Two.

The Round One tie-breaker was between Trivia Newton John and Damn Vuvuzelas and they had to bring me not one, not two, but THREE answers because both teams kept bringing up the exact same number for the tie-breaker question. Great minds think alike, I guess.

Trivia regulars Team Lick My Love Pump was so big this week that it had to be split into two teams, giving us a battle of the sexes: the girls playing as Team Blue Bessie and the guys playing as Anal Seepage (which I really couldn’t say over the mic). The boys beat out the girls and they wanted to make sure that everyone on the internet knew it 🙂 Good job guys, but I’m hoping the ladies give you a run for the money next week.

Also playing were Rahahahahahaha (The Noise a Vuvuzela Makes), Shark Sugar, Despicable US, Average Joes, That’s What She Said and The Carl Winslows. This was a super smart crowd, with scores coming in neck and neck toward the end.

I just need to remind all my teams that um, “Labia” is NOT a country.

Here’s our gallery of Trivia Rockstars:

Benchwarmers Erie: LeBron vs. Buzzwordz July 9, 2010

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Enough said. Of course we won….anyways we had an excellent game of Thursday night trivia at Benchwarmers and some very close scores. Red Breast came out on top, with Fire at the Disco coming in right on their heels. PNC (you’ll have to ask them what it stands for) came in a close third.

Red Breast giving me the evil eye I have no idea why because they won.

Fire at the Disco came in second overall. In their own words: "really we came in second? We weren't even trying hard!" Uh oh! Red Breast better watch out next week!

Fireplace/Rice and Beans kept me company and played pretty well too.

PNC--the definition of purity and innocence.

Team McManion, our lovely couple of the evening.

My friend Murph showed up for trivia after some hard core trampoline action at Jumpstreet. Here she is showing off the damage from jumping too intensely. She didn't like those pants anyway.

Big Game: July 5th – kickball, hangovers & trivia July 7, 2010

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I wasn’t so sure what trivia would be like after a rainy 4th. We got some teams out to play and we stayed out of the rain. We had some teams coming from kick ball and some people suffering from lingering hangovers.  I may have been included in one of the two previous groups.

This was our second week at Big Game and we had an even bigger crowd.  There wasn’t many people in the dining room, so I was concerned about trivia, but we wrangled up some teams.  Be sure to bring your friends, family, enemies, whoever you’d like to play trivia with or against.  We’re playing again Monday at 8pm.

See you then! – Marci

first place went to "Bryan's Still Hung Over"

Boobie Tassle- 2nd place winners

Fat Rambo- first time players, third place winners

"Bitch Faces"- Really??!! Nah

Mastdon- good try, sorry you got kicked off the team