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Trivia @ Big Game!! June 30, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Denver, CO.

Big Game is a fairly new place in downtown Denver on Wazee right off the 16th street mall.  It’s sports bar meets date-night food.  The menu looked super scrumptious and the beers were a plenty.  They have a nice variety of microbrew beer on tap and lots of wine.

It was kinda short notice to gather players, but we were able to get some folks together for trivia.  The staff was so excited about trivia, they even joined in on the festivities.  We gave out a couple rounds of free shots and some gift certificates away. 

So if you’re ready to come down to end the holiday weekend- Monday July 5th – 8pm @ Big Game- 1631 Wazee


"Yard Sale Now 80% Off" and Tobin. So Josh was able to win the game on his own with out the rest of his team. I'm pretty sure they will

"Bayer" cause they made a bet if their answer was right, that was their team name

"Cupcakes" (the hostesses- get it?) They were pretty busy so weren't able to score a ton of points

got a new do' while i've been gone



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