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Old Chicago Lakewood: Combining Trivia with Karaoke since 2010 June 30, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Brent Ruder, Buzzwordz Trivia, Littleton, CO, Old Chicago-Lakewood.

To say that the crowds at Old Chicago in Lakewood take their trivia seriously is an understatement. Like saying the Titanic had a little too much extra ice for their drinks.  

( Gotta love Titanic references. They never get old)

We had our usual large crowd for our 7:00 game. The competition was pretty fierce, and I knew we the first round was going to be a tight one. I also found out that one of the players was celebrating her Birthday. I offered to give one point to each team that would  send one representative to come to the bar and sing Happy Birthday to her. Of course, every team pitched in to sing. So, the point differential stayed the same.  

But, the bottom line is that fun was had by all. Reminded me of the scene from TopGun. But she never lost that loving feelin’.

On with the show.

Round one ended with a 4 way tie. Old Chicago tie breakers  are unique, to say the least. Without giving away trade secrets, we had a final 4 competition to get the winner out of the Idaho Potato Smugglers.

Round two went to Hooter’s Scooters outright. No tie-breaker needed.They held off the Scallywags and *****, It’s What’s for Dinner. Didn’t I mention about the PG-13 or under team names?

The final round went to Forest Hump. Their Chemistry knowledge was very impressive. I was surprised to see that so many teams knew their  Table of Elements.

Forest Hump ended up winning the overall victory with an impressive score.

Don’t forget to ask the staff about the $3.00  Stoli flavored Vodka specials every Tuesday night. Or one of the over 100 beers they serve.

Until next week.




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