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Benchwarmers: horse people are smart people June 12, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Benchwarmers-Erie, Erie, CO, Lauren Back.

Just take my word for it. You had to be there.

Between the Laker/Celtics game, some lively trivia players and a crazy thunderstorm, it was a very exciting night at Benchwarmers in Erie. This week it was a battle ’til the end between all the teams, but it was Team Awesome that championed in the end. Coming in close second was Everyone Pays for Kisses, and close behind was the Tejons, the Walkers, and The Timberlines (some of my favorite horse people šŸ˜‰Ā  )

The rowdy Tejons borrowed some knowledge from good old Bohica and that was ok with me.

awwww Timberline so cute! some of my favorite smart horse people šŸ™‚

Team Awesome--winners of round 2 and champions in the end!

Team Everybody Pays for Kisses (sorry missed a pic of you guys last night) came in second but was stoked about their $15 Benchwarmers g.c. that they will be using next week fo sho!

The Walkers--our lovely and smart family team of the evening.

A lovely view from the Benchwarmers patio of the Rockies right before the storm came in šŸ™‚



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