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Castle Bar and Grill Littleton: Not just a job, an adventure June 5, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia.

I’m thinking  that playing trivia at the Castle Bar and Grill is similiar to being stationed on board a U.S. Naval Balistic  Submarine. 

Bear with me for a second.

A Sub has two crews. One is called a Gold crew, and the other is the Blue crew. While one group is out to sea on the sub, the other is either at home or in training. Then they switch out. The point is that the sub is always working, while the crews take turns running the ship.

That’s kinda like what has been happening at The Castle Bar and Grill.

It seems that one week, we have one group of teams that play, and the next we get a completely different set of players.

This week, we had The Royal Bitches lap the field. They soundly defeated Royal Bastards. J&S Just Got Marrried, took the Bronze.

Now We need the Blue crew to show up and take on the Gold crew one week.

Sorry, but no photos this week. My new camera and Vista OS are not wanting to talk to each other.  I swear that Vista has sold more Macs than any advertisement money that was spent.

See you next week at the Castle Bar and Grill in Littleton at 8:00.



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