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Benchwarmers Trivia–WIN A CAR!! June 4, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Benchwarmers-Erie, Buzzwordz Trivia, Erie, CO, Lauren Back.

And you get to be BFF’s with the lovely ladies painted on the side! Ok maybe not but thanks for reading my blog.  And look at this badass Benchwarmers-mobile!

These lovely ladies are actually hanging out in the back seat waiting to meet you! Ok that's not true either.

Way to go Wicked Smart for taking rounds 2 and 3! Bohica came in 1st for round 1 and 2nd overall. Both teams got free refills of their drinks because sometimes I’m nice like that.

The Bro’s brought back a familiar face from back in the day when I was the best cocktail waitress on the planet–good to see you!  Team Awesome and Google it (i had no idea that Google could refer to a particular inappropriate gesture but maybe you guys were just making that up)–awesome job as well!

Wicked Smart--congrats on winning for the night! Those tattoos--We All Love/We All Hate--certainly speak the truth. But we all LOVE Buzzwordz trivia, right??

The Bro's--hey former co-worker Cody! remember when we worked at that awful place that got shut down because it was so awful?!

oh silly Bohica--your perseverance got you second place. Grant, hope you will join us again for trivia down the road!



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