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Trivia @ Big Game!! June 30, 2010

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Big Game is a fairly new place in downtown Denver on Wazee right off the 16th street mall.  It’s sports bar meets date-night food.  The menu looked super scrumptious and the beers were a plenty.  They have a nice variety of microbrew beer on tap and lots of wine.

It was kinda short notice to gather players, but we were able to get some folks together for trivia.  The staff was so excited about trivia, they even joined in on the festivities.  We gave out a couple rounds of free shots and some gift certificates away. 

So if you’re ready to come down to end the holiday weekend- Monday July 5th – 8pm @ Big Game- 1631 Wazee


"Yard Sale Now 80% Off" and Tobin. So Josh was able to win the game on his own with out the rest of his team. I'm pretty sure they will

"Bayer" cause they made a bet if their answer was right, that was their team name

"Cupcakes" (the hostesses- get it?) They were pretty busy so weren't able to score a ton of points

got a new do' while i've been gone


Old Chicago Lakewood: Combining Trivia with Karaoke since 2010 June 30, 2010

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To say that the crowds at Old Chicago in Lakewood take their trivia seriously is an understatement. Like saying the Titanic had a little too much extra ice for their drinks.  

( Gotta love Titanic references. They never get old)

We had our usual large crowd for our 7:00 game. The competition was pretty fierce, and I knew we the first round was going to be a tight one. I also found out that one of the players was celebrating her Birthday. I offered to give one point to each team that would  send one representative to come to the bar and sing Happy Birthday to her. Of course, every team pitched in to sing. So, the point differential stayed the same.  

But, the bottom line is that fun was had by all. Reminded me of the scene from TopGun. But she never lost that loving feelin’.

On with the show.

Round one ended with a 4 way tie. Old Chicago tie breakers  are unique, to say the least. Without giving away trade secrets, we had a final 4 competition to get the winner out of the Idaho Potato Smugglers.

Round two went to Hooter’s Scooters outright. No tie-breaker needed.They held off the Scallywags and *****, It’s What’s for Dinner. Didn’t I mention about the PG-13 or under team names?

The final round went to Forest Hump. Their Chemistry knowledge was very impressive. I was surprised to see that so many teams knew their  Table of Elements.

Forest Hump ended up winning the overall victory with an impressive score.

Don’t forget to ask the staff about the $3.00  Stoli flavored Vodka specials every Tuesday night. Or one of the over 100 beers they serve.

Until next week.


Old Chicago Superior: Truly 2 Legit June 28, 2010

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So the crew of regular players at Old Chicago in Superior welcomed their brand spankin’ new host with open arms, TONS of sports knowledge and only a little bit of good-natured harrassment (ahem, Team “I’m New”, I’m looking in your general direction…). 2 Legit 2 Quit came out on top as the first place team and the winner of the second round, but they were followed closely by American Monkey in second place. Powdered Toast Man rocked round one and were rewarded with a pitcher of beer for their efforts. Well played, teams, well played.

Believe it or not, we had a 4 way tie right under the winners with Lick My Love Pump, We’re Owl Exterminators, Damn Vuvuzela’s and P is for Psycho. This is where being able to get that bonus email question can make you or break you, y’all (hint, hint: get on the email list!)  Gotta give a shout out to Team Vuvuzela because they educated their soccer-ignorant host about what the heck a “vuvuzela” is. Now I know, and knowing is half the battle. Thanks, guys.

Castle Bar and Grill; Royal Bitches Rule! June 25, 2010

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Castle Bar and grill reminds me of the Piano Man from Billy Joel.

I’ll not paraphrase too much, but bear with me.

It’s a pretty good crowd for a Wednesday/and the bartender gives me a smile/because she knows that it’s not me that are coming to see, to forget about life for a while.

Thank you. Thank you. You are to kind.

Another week, another strong effort by the Royal Bitches. First place to you. Handily defeating Team Green and No Luck for Tuesday. Although, the other teams were playing Texas Hold’em at the same time.

Old Chicago Lakewood; Never get enough Magnum PI June 25, 2010

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I may have mentioned that I’m  a child of the 80’s. I am not bragging, it’d simply a fact. I’m not to proud of the poofed, ozone damaging hair styles,nor would I want to wear some of the clothes either. (Parachute pants anyone?)

However, 80’s TV made up for a lot of our faults. One of the best, and for some reason it has not been made into to movie yet is Magnum PI. (Seriously, the A Team is a full lenght movie, but no Red Ferarri cruising around Hawaii?)

My point of this tangent is related to a question tonight. I was prepared to strech a correct answer to anyone that disputed the answer I had on my sheet. My policy is to not give the direct answer here. However, here’s a big hint  of what I’m talking about.

At end of the last episode for the series. Magnum confronted Higgins about who really was Robin Masters. Higgins agreed that he in fact was Robin. However, at the very last scene, Higgins told Magnun he had lied about it.

And scene.

On to the results.

Sometimes you gamble and win big at Old Chicago, and sometimes you lose. Badly.

That was the theme as most teams wagered their points and lost. Badly. Only ‘Evans’  pulled out a respectible point total, taking first place. A Little to the Left placed second, with We’ll kick your A**  ( They did a nice job self-editing, keeping their name clean ) taking third.

“Quality over Quantity” or “The iphone takes shitty pictures in low-lit bars.” June 22, 2010

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We had a smaller crowd this week at OC Superior, but it didn’t matter because all six teams were there to play and stuck it out from start to finish, which, like the Special Olympics, makes them all winners.  Here is the gallery of Champions:

Okay, so these guys were the technical winners of the night.  Team The Ringers AKA Team Awesome at Benchwarmers forsook their usual locale filled with sexy referees to try the OC flavor this week.  Just like Parker Lewis, they can’t lose.

The latest Shark Sandwich incarnation, Team Shark Sammitch started with only two, then added another, and still took home second place.  Thus demonstrating that they can dominate without a full team.  Or maybe that just the girl with her tongue out carries them every week . . . .

The Whomping Willows weren’t able to whomp too many movie soundtracks, but besides that gave the usual strong showing.  It looks like they whomped that pizza pretty well.

Team Ralphie.  I was hoping this was “A Christmas Story” reference, but Ralphie is the name of their dog.  Ah well.

Team Living in Sin came back for more and almost started a brawl with the Ringers.  I would have paid to see that.

Team Damn Vuvuzelas took a couple rounds to warm up – then they had a nearly perfect score for most of the third round.  Well done!

Castle Bar and Grill; Highway to the Danger Zone June 19, 2010

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Greetings from The Castle Bar and Grill.

Without giving away a future answer somewhere down the road, the top 10 Movie Soundtracks are all from the 80’s or newer. Sorry, Sound  of Music fans. Or to you, West Side Story aficionados.

First place went to The Royal Bitches. You narrowly pulled out a win over Team GreenDancing Urkel Vibe rounded out the top three.

Where did that name come from?

Special shout out to She prefers VW over Corvette. It’s good to see you.

Until next week.

Benchwarmers–Go Lakers! June 18, 2010

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Actually I don’t really follow basketball but I know they won so I’d rather be on the winning team…speaking of winning, congrats to Where is Lacy for winning overall at Benchwarmers Erie trivia! The TM3’s scored big in round 1 and A1 came in a close third in round 3.

Did I mention I’m going to Israel tomorrow!? Geoff will be subbing but I will be back the following week, much wiser and with lots of wonderful trivia-relevant photos to post!

A1 joined in late but still had a pretty good run. Don't be so shy and come sit a little closer next time!

Where is Lacy--nice job on pulling ahead in round 2 and winning for the night!

the TM3's had some world travelers to help them out on some of those tough geography questions.

OC Superior June 13, 2010

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Friday night at OC Superior.  Some regulars – some Newbies.  Here they are, the gallery of Champions.

Buddy Monkey took home first place and was the ONLY team to know that Lorne Michaels offered the Beatles $3200 to be on SNL.

Team Stephan Urkel were victorious in two different tie breakers – one got them a pitcher of beer and the other got them second place for the night.  I gave them first place for one of the best team names ever.  Not Steve Urkel – his super cool and suave alter ego.

Baby Got Backgammon lost the tie-breaker and ended up in third place.  Here’s half the team sitting alone before His Baby Got Back from the bathroom.  OMG!  AMERICAN IDOL!

Team KGB keepin’ the knowledge comin’.

Team Scott’s Single didn’t know anything about the Oscars, but they at least had fun trying to pimp out their friend.  Good luck Scott.

Team Voldemort lookin’ good at the end of the bar.  If it was Harry Potter night they would have killed.  Instead, they had to list baseball managers who managed both the Yankees and the Mets.  They answered in picture form.

Team Awesomes. Pretty much self-explanatory.

Festive Crouching Flamingos. I have no idea what that means.  No idea.

Team I Like Beer . . . . well, they there for the beer.

Hippie with Guns missed the first round but had a really great score – might have taken second place if they showed up early – next time!

Benchwarmers: horse people are smart people June 12, 2010

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Just take my word for it. You had to be there.

Between the Laker/Celtics game, some lively trivia players and a crazy thunderstorm, it was a very exciting night at Benchwarmers in Erie. This week it was a battle ’til the end between all the teams, but it was Team Awesome that championed in the end. Coming in close second was Everyone Pays for Kisses, and close behind was the Tejons, the Walkers, and The Timberlines (some of my favorite horse people 😉  )

The rowdy Tejons borrowed some knowledge from good old Bohica and that was ok with me.

awwww Timberline so cute! some of my favorite smart horse people 🙂

Team Awesome--winners of round 2 and champions in the end!

Team Everybody Pays for Kisses (sorry missed a pic of you guys last night) came in second but was stoked about their $15 Benchwarmers g.c. that they will be using next week fo sho!

The Walkers--our lovely and smart family team of the evening.

A lovely view from the Benchwarmers patio of the Rockies right before the storm came in 🙂