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Benchwarmers…Spotted in Denver! May 28, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Benchwarmers-Erie, Buzzwordz Trivia, Erie, CO, Lauren Back.

After a run-in with one of my players earlier this week, I’ve decided that there may be points involved with spotting your trivia host in places outside of the trivia scene. I was strolling in Denver’s Cherry Creek Mall (buying very expensive jewelry and clothing of course) when I heard “HEY! When are you gonna get us some more trivia questions?” To my surprise, none other than Al Bundy was yelling at me from across the walkway! So if you ever see me around town, be sure to give a shout out!

This week we had some new stellar players–congrats to Team Keeps a Private Jet, a duo of recent college grads out celebrating. Glad you were able to walk away with that $25 Benchwarmers gift certificate,  you’re gonna be broke for a while! The Montanans and Team Vivi battled it out for second place, with Vivi winning the final tie breaker.

The Montanans and Mushroom Stamp socializing at the end of the bar. Behind them you can see a glimpse of the sunset over Benchwarmers' awesome new patio.

Team Keeps a Private Jet was a newbie but talented team. It's all that knowledge from graduating college.

Congrats Team Vivi! Patience and knowledge on the Johnny Carson show paid off and got you second place.

Bohica was super excited for the upcoming 3-day weekend. As am I woohoo!!

Ok so maybe I photoshopped the moon into this picture and it's actually across the street but I thought it was a cool full moon and doesn't it look pretty over Benchwarmers? 🙂



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