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Less Bob Newheart & All in the Family . . . More MTV. May 22, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Buzzwordz Trivia, Matt Brunk, Old Chicago-Superior, Superior, CO.

The Monkey Man is back.  Shining Path Monkey, aka Hairy Monkey, Prank Monkey, Dunkin’ Monkey, & any other Monkey combination you can come up with took home the prize last night at OC Superior.  Probably because he’s a HUGE Princess Di fan and was one of a few people who knew “Candle in the Wind.”  Thankfully there was a question about teenage dating shows to bring everyone else up to speed . . . .

Here he is  – the big winner receiving his grand prize in our out of focus “keys to the city” pose.  Or maybe “Giant Oversized Check” pose.

Coming in second for the night and the winners of the second round free pitcher of beer, formerly of Shark Sandwich fame, we have . . . . Smell the Glove? The girl to my left REALLY wanted to do the “keys to the city” thing seen above and awkwardly shook my hand for like 3 photo attempts.  It was SO weird.  🙂

Tied for third we had Team Mulligan who took last week’s advice (unbeknownst to them) and changed their name and found some friends.  Ahhh – good for you guys!!  P.S.  Brandon the Bartender in the background.  Plotting something.

Far Side of the Bar was the other third place finisher with two great rounds and one so-so round.  They definitely spiced up the night.  Oh, and technically, they were sort of at the front of the bar, but it’s cool.

Team Macucci I raise my glass to you.

Uh-oh!  Team We don’t need one (a team name, that is) got ninja-photo’d.


Team Can’t Touch This won the first round and then they were unfortunately touched.  If you come next week I’ll bring a doll and you can show me where.

Late great addition to the game was Team Multiple Scoregasms formerly Team King Ramrod. They did really great for showing up late!  Their team included “Cool Beard Guy,”  “Perfect Teeth Girl” and “Sports Radio Guy” and “Girl Who Took a Picture for Me” (not pictured).



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