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May 1, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Brent Ruder, Buzzwordz Trivia, Castle Bar & Grill, Littleton, CO.

With the largest group of teams yet, The Castle Bar and Grill had another close finish that was not decided until the final regulation question.

Going Solo” beat out “We finally Finished a Game’  by three points. I think that one is going to sting for a while.” The Other Half” rounded out the top three.

Master Batters,” I hope you guys play softball better than your trivia knowledge.  But you had the second best team name. My favorite this week os the ” Slippery Running Wombats.” I have no idea what it means. I’ll have to Wiki it.

Wooly Buggers”. Your “Office Space” knowledge is beyond reproach. Not only did you know the answer to my favorite question of the night. You also gave me the complete running script between the characters in the movie.  If we ever have an entire night of  Movie Trivia, my money would be on you. ( Assuming of course, that gambling would be legal.) 

Don’t forget that if you have the ability to multi-task, Castle Bar and Grill  has Texas Hold’em that starts an hour before we start playing Trivia. we get a few teams that play both at the same time. And it’s easy to play a game of pool or watch all the sports on TV while you challenge yourself to a great night of Trivia.

We will see you next Wednesday at the Castle Bar and Grill, located on South Broadway in Littleton.



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