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Castle Bar: Big Brother may be watching you May 28, 2010

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Greetings from the Castle Bar and Grill in Littleton.

We had our largest field of teams yet since I took the reigns. What they had in quality. they lacked a little in funny team names. Come on folks. I don’t ask for much. You know that one of my unwritten rules is to make me laugh. It’s always better than crying.

Anyway, like Bugs Bunny said, “On with the show this is it.’

After informing the bar that I was indeed their favorite trivia host, team HMTHDTHH (How many trivia host do they have here?)  along with the Master Baters and Team Green finished a three-way tie. HMTHDTHH took the tie breaker with their FaceBook knowledge. At the end of round two, HMT….. ( If you think it sucked trying to read their name, try typing it. Or worse saying it out loud all night)   took it again. MB, once again came in second. For the final round MB won the round. You would have thought they had won the Superbowl. Even the Texas Hold’em Tournement players stopped to see what the ruckus was all about. Sadly, for the ‘Baters they did not quite have enough for the overall victory. She’s Naughty rounded out the top three with a strong and steady scoring in all three rounds.

Although a little birdie told me that a cell phone may or may not have been seen being used by a team. I’ll be watching closely next week. Remember, we play for honor and glory every Wednesday night at 8:00.

Thanks for playing this week.

And thank you to all our men and women that have served and are serving our country in uniform. My heart goes out to the families of the soldiers that gave the highest price for our freedom and way of life.


Benchwarmers…Spotted in Denver! May 28, 2010

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After a run-in with one of my players earlier this week, I’ve decided that there may be points involved with spotting your trivia host in places outside of the trivia scene. I was strolling in Denver’s Cherry Creek Mall (buying very expensive jewelry and clothing of course) when I heard “HEY! When are you gonna get us some more trivia questions?” To my surprise, none other than Al Bundy was yelling at me from across the walkway! So if you ever see me around town, be sure to give a shout out!

This week we had some new stellar players–congrats to Team Keeps a Private Jet, a duo of recent college grads out celebrating. Glad you were able to walk away with that $25 Benchwarmers gift certificate,  you’re gonna be broke for a while! The Montanans and Team Vivi battled it out for second place, with Vivi winning the final tie breaker.

The Montanans and Mushroom Stamp socializing at the end of the bar. Behind them you can see a glimpse of the sunset over Benchwarmers' awesome new patio.

Team Keeps a Private Jet was a newbie but talented team. It's all that knowledge from graduating college.

Congrats Team Vivi! Patience and knowledge on the Johnny Carson show paid off and got you second place.

Bohica was super excited for the upcoming 3-day weekend. As am I woohoo!!

Ok so maybe I photoshopped the moon into this picture and it's actually across the street but I thought it was a cool full moon and doesn't it look pretty over Benchwarmers? 🙂

Like Facebook, Buzzwordz is banned in Pakistan…… May 26, 2010

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I had to laugh at the first question this week. Some people just don’t have a sense of humor in this world I guess. Oh well their loss. Maybe if they would just lighten up and play around of trivia at Old Chicago in Lakewood, help themselves to a $3.00 Stoli flavored liquor, this planet might be a happier place for everyone.

Maybe, we need to host a Buzzwordz Trivia contest in Asia. ( No Tobin, I’m not volunteering)

Overall, I would say that this weeks teams need to have more knowledge with their mushrooms, (No not that type. It’s a family blog) and less time reading Dr. Seuss. But that’s just me.

On to our winners. We Love Beer won the first round by one point. They used their email answer to take the round. Without the email question of the week, we would have had a three-way tie with Scallywags and Hooters Scooters (I’ll explain. It’s a clean name for a great cause)  Without giving away the plot, Old Chicago Lakewood resolves their ties a little differently at the end of each round.  We did end up with a tiebreaker for the second round between Scallywags and Scared Hitless. You will have to stop by and see how we separate the round winner from the first loser.

The overall winner, as always, was not decided until the last question. The 8 point question pushed Scallywags and Hooters Scooters ( It’s coming, just wait) to thew front of the pack with the ‘Wags taking a two point victory over the ‘Scooters.

In case you may have visions of off duty waitress in orange short-shorts from some other restaurant playing at Old Chicago in Lakewood. Let me set you straight. HootersScooters is named after a group that will be walking 60 miles in three days as part of the Susan G Koman 3-Day for the Cure. Well done.

We Love Beer. You told me you were going to change your name to something that made me laugh out loud for next weeks match. Problem is that I forgot it already. Sometimes I think my mind leaves me to go look for my dark hair that was replaced by this gray stuff.

Moose Knuckles…..

I got nuthin……

Until next week.

Thanks for the ride.


Old Chicago’s 120th/Sheridan May 24, 2010

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We had a great week this Saturday at Old C’s!

Round 1 went to a new team that was there for the first time! Space Balls beat out Slacker Hacker, Yes That and The Real Dio!

Round 2 mixed up the standings with CTFxC taking first with Slacker Hackers and What Would Tim Tebow Do close behind.

Round 3 was the great equalizer and the introduction of our first Buzz Beater question! There was a tie for first place between Yest That and The Real Dio but overall in first place it was The Real Dio that came out on top!  CTFxC took second place overall for night!

See you all next time, same bat time, same bat place.

(sorry my camera broke so no pictures… not that anyone complained about that!! )

Less Bob Newheart & All in the Family . . . More MTV. May 22, 2010

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The Monkey Man is back.  Shining Path Monkey, aka Hairy Monkey, Prank Monkey, Dunkin’ Monkey, & any other Monkey combination you can come up with took home the prize last night at OC Superior.  Probably because he’s a HUGE Princess Di fan and was one of a few people who knew “Candle in the Wind.”  Thankfully there was a question about teenage dating shows to bring everyone else up to speed . . . .

Here he is  – the big winner receiving his grand prize in our out of focus “keys to the city” pose.  Or maybe “Giant Oversized Check” pose.

Coming in second for the night and the winners of the second round free pitcher of beer, formerly of Shark Sandwich fame, we have . . . . Smell the Glove? The girl to my left REALLY wanted to do the “keys to the city” thing seen above and awkwardly shook my hand for like 3 photo attempts.  It was SO weird.  🙂

Tied for third we had Team Mulligan who took last week’s advice (unbeknownst to them) and changed their name and found some friends.  Ahhh – good for you guys!!  P.S.  Brandon the Bartender in the background.  Plotting something.

Far Side of the Bar was the other third place finisher with two great rounds and one so-so round.  They definitely spiced up the night.  Oh, and technically, they were sort of at the front of the bar, but it’s cool.

Team Macucci I raise my glass to you.

Uh-oh!  Team We don’t need one (a team name, that is) got ninja-photo’d.


Team Can’t Touch This won the first round and then they were unfortunately touched.  If you come next week I’ll bring a doll and you can show me where.

Late great addition to the game was Team Multiple Scoregasms formerly Team King Ramrod. They did really great for showing up late!  Their team included “Cool Beard Guy,”  “Perfect Teeth Girl” and “Sports Radio Guy” and “Girl Who Took a Picture for Me” (not pictured).

Benchwarmers it’s Game Time!!! May 21, 2010

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Benchwarmers in Erie stepped it up another notch this week at trivia! I sense that the word is out about how awesome our Thursday nights are.  Congrats to 12-year for sweeping all three rounds!  These guys are no rookies when it comes to Buzzwordz trivia. Coming in second was Team Snow Plow, while Team Awesome and CASH tied for third.

Now everyone remember for next week–look up that email question…and come at 6:30!!

I’m old enough to remember when MTV played videos……. May 19, 2010

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Greeting s from Old Chicago in Lakewood.

With a field of teams as large as the Preakness, without the infield debauchery, an exciting Trivia game was held at Old Chicago in Lakewood.

If you have not played a Buzzwordz Trivia game recently, we have changed a few items to make the game more exciting to everyone, and more rewarding to our regulars.  I don’t want to spoil the fun here. You will just have to take my word for it and come play a round or ten at Old Chicago in Lakewood on Simms just off of 6th Ave.

‘Wadsworth Nuts barely edged out the highest scoring game I have hosted yet. They bested Dark Horse by only a few points. And DH did not arrive until after we were halfway through the first round. Just goes to show, that it’s never too late to start playing. Marlin started out slow but sprinted to the end comming in a very respectable third place.  Last weeks winner, The O.C. arrived to defend their title, but was unable to hold off the new young guns this week. I think Dark Horse and Marlin spent too much time enjoying the Old Chicago drink specials. Last night it was $3.00 for all Stoli flavored liquors. Who knows what the staff at Old Chicago will offer next week? With the NBA and NHL playoffs, plus more baseball games being showed on one of their seemingly hundreds of TVs, there is always a lot going on.

I don’t want to give away any answers in case someone who reads this shows up at another Buzzwordz hosted trivia game. However, let me just say that the age demarcation line between teams is right around the time when MTV stopped showing videos from 5:00 am – 2:30 am.

Well, I have to get ready to host my next bar on Wednesday night. Don’t forget to stop by next Tuesday night at 7:00 pm at Old Chicago in Lakewood.

Thanks for the ride.


Ocean Battle. Commence. May 15, 2010

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Friday Night.  Rain.  Old Chicago Superior.  Battle to the death between drunken ocean creatures.  Blitz’d Octopi brought home the trophy but Shark Sandwich was biting at their heels.

Los Hombres de Chorizo Grande showed up late vowing to take home the prize, but couldn’t remember those pesky books of the Bible, forgetting everything they learned in Catholic school.

Issaquah Frog was going strong and ended up joining forces with the ladies of Mico’s late in the game.

Ferngully received cool points for the night for being the only team to know what brand of jeans the boys love Fergie’s ass in.  Well done.  I think.

Then there was Face Down Ass Up who wouldn’t let me take their picture.  I’m guessing it had something to do with the name . . . .

So my camera battery died and I didn’t get a pic of the winning team, but here is the award winning gallery of Blitz’d Octopi team name interpretation art.

All drawn by a lovely dark-haired lady.

This is the one they submitted for themselves. Hmm.

This one, however, was my favorite. Blitzed Octopi. Get it? GET IT??!!!

One more? Sure, why not?! P.S. "Friends?" Psshhh . . . It was Dallas yo.

Sh-sh-sh-shark Sanwich. Second place for the night.  Don’t let those smiles fool you – they are competitive. And mean. In a good, competitive way. And in a mean way.

HOWEVER . . . .even though they got second for the night the dude on the right took home the prize for best dressed. Congratulations!!!

Ferngully! I’m not gonna judge, but it might be time to switch up the name.

And . . . maybe invite a few friends so you’ll stop getting THIRD! C’mon!!

Team Alexis & Shane took home the prize for most original team name!!   Alexis said she would kick my ass if this picture was bad.   I think you both look simply stunning. Stunning.

Y por último, pero no menos pareja los hombres de chorizo grande!

Benchwarmers! May 14, 2010

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Despite the continued dreary miserable weather (is it obvious that I’m totally over the freezing rain/snow that we’ve been having), we had quite a few teams make it out to Benchwarmers for some Thursday night trivia. Congrats to 2½ Men for cleaning up in round 1 and winning overall too! Team JD beat out Team Kickass in a super close round 2 tiebreaker, but it was the Kickasses who came in second overall!

Team XXI came in 3rd overall…can you guess whose 21st birthday it is??

Team JD won round 2 in a tie-breaker. Nice going!

Team Kickass, congrats on 2nd place! And better luck next time on those intense tie breakers.

The Rock Stars--thanks for the input on the music--I'll have to download those songs for our trivia playlist!

The Shockers! Last weeks winners...good to see you guys again for rounds 1 and 2!

Purple-hearted Slingers stuck it out for the whole night, see you next week!

Packed House and a Good Game at 2 Bros!!! May 12, 2010

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We had a full house Tues night at 2 Bros in Plano, TX!!!  The energy was up and everyone was having a good time.  We had a tie breaker between Death Row and Wine and Dine.  Team Wine and Dine got the win for the 1st round and the 10 dollar gift card.  But Death Row came back with a vengeance and took 2nd round and 1st overall for the night with 44 pts.  There was a tie breaker for 2nd overall between Wine and Dine and Dr. Acula. (I love that name).  Dr. Acula ended up getting the tie breaker and winning the 10 dollar gift card.  They made it out all the way from Bedford, TX.  They told me they had to get their trivia fix for the week since they could not attend on Thursday at Big Shots.  Im glad you guys came out.

I will see you all next week, same time, same place, 2 Bros, 8pm on Tuesdays.