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Benchwarmers rivalry! April 16, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Benchwarmers-Erie, Buzzwordz Trivia, Erie, CO, Lauren Back.

We’re just three weeks into our trivia at Benchwarmers in Erie, but I’m sensing some early rivalry going on….love it! Now at Buzzwordz we certainly don’t allow the use of cellphone internet/phoning a friend/etc. But in the heat of the moment, we must remember that some teams are just real smart and can answer the majority of the questions without cheating!

In the end, the Chiliheads came out on top, winning the $25 gift certificate. That’s a lot of beers! Al Bundy came in second overall, but it was the Packed Vikes who dominated in rounds one and two, which means they enjoyed TWO rounds of Kamikaze shots…yummy…so glad today is Friday!

Team Bohica, a friendly bunch with some blindingly bright t-shirts, came in third in round 3.

ZBlount put in some great effort--tied for second in round 2.

The Chiliheads played steady until their big win in the finish--second in rounds 1 and 2, first in round 3.

Al Bundy and crew came in second overall, winning a $15 gift certificate to Benchwarmers. See you guys next time!



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