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Benchwarmers muffled but loud and clear April 9, 2010

Posted by buzzwordz in Benchwarmers-Erie, Buzzwordz Trivia, Erie, CO, Lauren Back.

I’m told it was a little hard to hear me over in the far corners, but our third week at Benchwarmers in Erie brought on some enthusiastic teams from all over the bar and restaurant. Part of the bar opens up to the outdoor patio, which was in full swing in this great spring weather we’re (finally) having! The family teams were pretty popular, with the Moist Towelettes proving to be the superior clan this week. The won round 1 and round 2 and enjoyed some awesome Vegas shots–I’ve never had a Vegas shot, but that sounds pretty awesome!

The Moist Towelettes came running from the other side of the bar but you could hear them loud and clear every time they won a round!

Team Rooster, despite yelling out one too many answers, played enthusiastically once they learned the concept of this thing called "trivia"

I'm not sure these lovely ladies had a team name, but their answers were very distinguished --always in crayon.

Team Spiers--congrats on second place! I'm giving the $15 g.c. to the wonderful young lady who decorated and delivered all their answer sheets.

The Jerks joined us about halfway through. They told me how thrilled they were to have been spotted online --I told you I post the photos online, duh!



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